Travel Insurance American Express Blue Cash : Positive Changes: American Express Improves Benefits

Travel Insurance American Express Blue Cash Video

Travel Insurance American Express Blue Cash

Positive Changes: American Express Improves Benefits

Positive Changes: American Express Improves Benefits

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  1. Hey there Sebby,

    I may already know the answer to this question, but I wanted to get your opinion on it:

    I get emails with "invitations" to upgrade my Gold AMEX to Platinum. I figure if I do this rather than apply for the Platinum as a separate card, I'll lose out on the bonus sign-up points. Is there any benefit to upgrading from Gold to Platinum or is that just a wasted chance of acquiring MR points? Thank you

  2. Long time AmEx SPG user, I’m just moving over to the Chase Trifecta since SPG points are being revalued, but this makes me second guess that choice.

  3. Now if AMEX would issue its American card holders a PIN and maybe a ‘tap-to-pay” feature when we travel abroad. Too moch to ask for $600.00 a year member fee?

  4. Glad to hear about these changes!

    I almost decided to use an Amex Starwood card instead of my Citi Dividend (my 1 card with Citi for now) for an upcoming laptop purchase (I would have preferred the damage protection and better points earnings), but the following made me hesitate: I called the Amex Warranty department (after not seeing this update reflected in a lot of things on the Amex website yet) and they said that this coverage is not for extended warranties that I purchase, even from the manufacturer. It is only for standard manufacturer warranties. On the other hand, on the Citi website, it clearly states, "Coverage begins when the manufacturer’s warranty, or an extended warranty you bought, expires." The problem though with Citi is that it states in the fine print that the following are excluded: "Items purchased for resale, professional or commercial use." I let them know that I use the laptop for work, education, and for fun, but they said that because I use it for work at all, it would not qualify. Do you know of any bank that has coverage that goes beyond extended warranties and does not exclude items used for work?

  5. I recently got approved for the gold card thinking it was a charge card but they have changed it to a credit card and finished the gold charge cards, could you do a video on that?
    secondly i got a £1500 limit,i spend way more than that in a month,how would spending over the credit limit affect my credit history and how do i do that?

  6. Amex is doing this to increase market share as a response to Discover (eliminating benefits) and Citi Double Cash (reducing benefits) amending their benefits. Smart move on Amex’s part.

  7. I wouldn’t return a product and repurchase. For instance, when I price match, I’ll price match it to a site where there is a shipping fee. That means that the price will be marked lower; an example of this is like Kohl’s/ JC penny, etc.

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