Travel Insurance Alberta : Health Care in Canada | You Asked, I Answer

Travel Insurance Alberta Video

Travel Insurance Alberta

Health Care in Canada | You Asked, I Answer

Health Care in Canada | You Asked, I Answer


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This video is about Health Care in Canada. Answering a question sent by an ONL member!


Private Health Insurance:
Blue Cross

More Information from Canadian Government

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  1. Thank you so much for your continued support, love and questions guys! keep your questions coming. It is amazing especially when they can be answered via video to help even more people. 🙂

  2. Hi .. I wanted to ask you about health insurance .. Do pregnant women should wait without health insurance for 90 days .. Or there is an exception for delevering the baby and follow-up .. My question for the province of New Brunswick in particular .. Thank you

  3. Thanks for your honesty. The Liberals over here are brainwashed and think Canadians have it better. I’m sure Canada is a great place but I’d rather have our healthcare.

  4. Don't forget to bring your own painkillers guys when you are taking out your 60 stitches in the RAW and oh yeah find someone to acompany you out the front entrance of the hospital building if you can't walk. Plus…if you are over 100 years old make sure you have enough money to pay an ambulance. 4th world country!!!

  5. In Ontario you can get print outs of your test results etc. if you ask, dental is covered until you are an adult and then when you become a senior.

  6. Please don’t say it’s free as we pay through our taxes. Lots of employers have extra health benefits. My husband luckily has incredible benefits where everything is covered. You don’t wait for emergencies but you do wait for non emergencies.
    I’ve been on the Canadian medical system for 52 years and would never give it up.
    If you come to Canada as a student or for work for over 6 months some Provinces require you to get the healthcare system we have.

  7. Lets make this clear. If you really think that Canadas HealthCare system is good, go over there. Try it yourself. Compare it to the United States HealthCare, and speak for yourself.

  8. In my province I use phamicare for medication. You pay for a deductible depending how much you earn then the rest is free for one year.

  9. What I am seeing here is that if you live in one province, you get it free, but if you drive to another province, it is suddenly not "free" (paying $100). That is still in Canada. In the USA, you may be in one state, but suddenly find your self in another state (province if you will) and can cost you some. Still not free. Government has the right to say what is considered as "emergency" and what requires a specialist, like a dentist. Though an abscessed tooth can be dangerous to your health. So going to a private health care is far better, but only for the rich in Canada because there is nothing in between. In the USA, you have all ranges which makes it more affordable (though still not cheap, but you really don't want "cheap").

  10. I live in the U.S. along with that dumb ass Matt who commented below and I would just like to know what kind of taxes are taken out of each pay check since Canadian healthcare is free? Thanks.

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