Travel Inside A Black Hole Guided Notes : How We’ll Find the Aliens in Our Solar System! | STELLAR

Travel Inside A Black Hole Guided Notes Video

Travel Inside A Black Hole Guided Notes

How We’ll Find the Aliens in Our Solar System! | STELLAR

How We’ll Find the Aliens in Our Solar System! | STELLAR

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I got to visit two awesome upcoming NASA missions searching for life in our solar system! The Mars 2020 rover mission targeting the Jezero Crater and the Europa Clipper reconnaissance mission to explore one of Jupiter’s moons due to launch in 2023. I explore if alien life is possible, where we’re most likely to find it and why.

I know, this video is a bit different from most Physics Girl videos. It’s part of a PBS miniseries called Stellar, done in collaboration with Matt O’Dowd from @PBSSpacetime and Joe Hanson from @It’sOkayToBeSmart. Over six episodes we travel to telescopes, go inside space research centers, and chat with amazing scientists. Next up is Joe’s episode where he explores where life might be outside our solar system.

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Thanks to David Gruel, Brent Buffington and everyone at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory who helped us out!

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  1. Dianna – You call yourself "Physics Girl
    ." Why have you gone so far from physics? This is pop-science mumbo jumbo. Life will not be found anywhere in our solar system except here on Earth. It will never be proven definitively that there is life anywhere else in the universe because there is none. It's just us.

    However, we are not alone here. The Creator of the universe is here with us.

    For a long time, you actually did science and it was fun to watch and learn but now you've gotten completely swallowed up by the speculators. I know searching for life seems fun but it is worthless fruitless speculation. The key to life is here on Earth, not out in space. In every one of your cells contains an encoded instruction book for how to make you and how you work. Books don't write themselves. Find the author. Then you will find the key to life.

  2. Physics Girl – I'm soo excited, and just so that you and all know how I feel about this awesome coming event that will renew Humanity, I can't wait for it!, for the return to happen, it is going to be so suddenly! and it will be so unbelievably awesome everybody will see HIM return, when HE brings the good things promised and really so much NEW upon this Earth for good and HE will decide who will stay on this earth into HIS millennia and who will have to leave because of being separated by him justly, when the true Jesus Christ comes in great power and glory sitting on a cloud on the right hand of GOD to judge the liars and guilty.

  3. We dont want to find aliens. We will distroy them and their planet, and we will get some space disease. This point in time where we have little antiobotics left to call on for earth bugs, i think we are stuffed dealing with space bugs. Hope we dont find unintelligent life. Intelligent life will just eat us, what are we thinking? Or we will weaponise them and their technology to use against ourselves. Its all bad. Leave them alone, explore our humanity and how we can less alienate each other…

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