Travel In Spanish : Beginner Spanish Phrases Every Traveler Needs to Know ✈️

Travel In Spanish Video

Travel In Spanish

Beginner Spanish Phrases Every Traveler Needs to Know ✈️

Beginner Spanish Phrases Every Traveler Needs to Know ✈️

Learn the top beginner phrases in Spanish you must know before traveling to any Spanish-speaking country. In this video, I’ll teach you some of the most basic and common greetings and goodbyes in Spanish, useful phrases to use at a restaurant, the basics for shopping, how to express confusion, and more.

In this video you’ll learn:

-Common Basic Greetings
-Phrases for Being Polite
-How to Express Understanding or Confusion
-The Basics for Shopping
-Essentials for Reservations
-Useful Phrases for Restaurants
-Other Important Survival Phrases

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  1. What would be the polite way to ask a native Spanish speaker to repeat something, but SLOWLY….? The biggest problem I have (and I think many other English speakers do, too) is the rapid fire delivery of words by many Spanish speakers is so fast, I can't tell when one word ends and another begins.

  2. Hi everyone

    I’m a Spanish native speaker, I’m from mexico and I’m looking for someone who speaks English and wants to improve his/her Spanish so I can improve my English to.

    skype: luissca_garcia@@t
    Instagram: _luiscgarcia

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