Travel In San Francisco : 10 Top Tourist Attractions in San Francisco – Travel Video

Travel In San Francisco Video

Travel In San Francisco

10 Top Tourist Attractions in San Francisco – Travel Video

10 Top Tourist Attractions in San Francisco - Travel Video

San Francisco, everyone’s favorite city, is located at the tip of a peninsula between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific coast. A compact city of steep rolling hills surrounded on three sides by water, San Francisco is renowned for its summer fogs, Victorian architecture, cable cars and beautiful vistas. Just remember: Don’t call it Frisco and do bring warm clothing. The famous quote “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco” isn’t from Mark Twain but it is a pretty accurate statement of San Francisco’s weather. An overview of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco.

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  1. And don’t forget the poop 💩 💩 and the homeless drug addicts with free clean needle provided by the sf Democrats office, Gavin Newsom, he’s aunt Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein…

  2. I can’t be bothered going all the way to San Francisco so imma just go to all these places on Watch Dogs 2

  3. Caution Landmines! Piles off them everywhere you step. And syinge traps.
    Don't forget the liberal and homeless Zombies.

  4. What I remember most of my San Francisco vacation was the large amount of human shit on sidewalks and drug addicts.

  5. Wish I watched this before moving and eventually leaving. Terrible weather and the homeless population with crime and fecal matter, syringes and anything you can imagine is all about. That said as an east coaster it’s nice to experience the west for the first time, minus the 3500/month rent or 800k home depending on area.

  6. I have to drive into this craphole for work and there are bums on every corner, tent cities, condoms, garbage, human waste, and now rats in the streets.
    Just the other day some idiot commie millennials were watching a hooded negro spray paint a building on a busy corner, and were taking notes. Meanwhile, overspray from the cloud of spray paint was getting all over people's cars. In SF vandalism = art. Parents pay $100k+ to the SF Art Academy for this?
    Smashing windows in cars and shoplifting crimes are NOT prosecuted. BART tunnels have openly shooting heroin addicts there. Children wear thick rain galoshes when walking in case of needles. The schools provide them.
    Every leftist city is like this.
    Working middle class people are gone. None of my customers who work in SF can live there, unless they are illegals.
    Stay away!

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