Travel From Baltimore Airport To Dc : How to get from BWI Airport to Washington DC for CHEAP

Travel From Baltimore Airport To Dc Video

Travel From Baltimore Airport To Dc

How to get from BWI Airport to Washington DC for CHEAP

How to get from BWI Airport to Washington DC for CHEAP

In this video you will learn how to take the MARC commuter train from BWI Airport to Washington, DC Union Station for ONLY per person.

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  1. Thank you so much for this video! I was stressing, trying to figure out the most cost effective way to get to DC and this put me at ease!! Going to check out your tours now!

  2. To check train schedule:
    In the calendar, you can actually check other months. It's just that for some reasons the arrows don't show up.
    After you enter your date and locations, it'll show you a very short list, it's NOT exhaustive. Click "show all" on the top right for all trains.

  3. My flight departing BWI-ATL at 8.25am. I am travelling from DC (union station) to BWI by MARC at 6.30am on Sat. Would I have sufficient time to board my flight? Grateful for some advice. Thanks

  4. I’m flying into BWI at 9am. My hotel is at Best Western Pentagon- )right next to Pentagon.)
    Will this train get me close to the Pentagon? Or the other monuments? If not what will I have to do once I get to Union Station?

    Thanx so much for your help.

  5. I've looked at the MARC site and it is only showing about 4 northbound trains to BWI on Sundays. Am I reading that correctly? My flight would leave BWI at 6:30pm…so what I'm reading means I'd have to catch a 2:30 train out of Washington, correct? Unfortunately that means spending 3.5 hours at BWI.

  6. this is genius and it worked out perfectly! We had to ask someone there for help since there was construction going on. Thanks Rob! 'Saved $46 on this deal as opposed to Uber. The shuttle for 2 people was charging 230 round trip and I almost scheduled it until i found this video. I listened to more of your videos and they are all very helpful.

  7. Super helpful video! I'm planning on going from the airport to DC in a few weeks and this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

  8. Love using the MARC, been using it for years heading back and forth from BWI to Union Station. The bus trip from the terminal to the train station and then again from the train station to the terminal isn't hard, the whole process and ride is pretty easy, cheaper and pretty relaxing taking about a 1/2 an hour to make the trip.

  9. Had no clue MARC existed. I was about to buy an Amtrak ticket and accept my fate, but did last minute researching and found this video! MARC ticket for both passengers round trip is still cheaper than one way with the Amtrak! Score. Thanks!!!

  10. Hey, I’m flying 1 way from DC to San Diego next August. I’m British and know nothing about flying domestic in the US. What do you suggest I do, and how should I get the best fare?

  11. Hey Rob! I seldom write comments on YouTube but I had to for this video. I wanted to thank you for making this! I've always flown in to BWI when visiting D.C. and have been lucky to have family pick me up for free, but this upcoming trip I planned on calling an Uber for about $65. Then I realized there was a train which serviced BWI and Union stations. THEN, I was a bit overwhelmed trying to plan around taking a whole new transit system that I wasn't familiar with, but this video scratched that unique itch. Thank you for making this video! I hoped that someone had made a guide this easy to follow but I wasn't expecting to find it.

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