Travel For Single Women : Why I left India… Did I feel safe as a solo female traveler?

Travel For Single Women Video

Travel For Single Women

Why I left India… Did I feel safe as a solo female traveler?

Why I left India... Did I feel safe as a solo female traveler?

Watch me explain why I left India 3 days into my 1 month solo travels.

It was my first time travelling to India.

And don’t worry, i’m not scared off from India. I just felt unsafe and too overwhelmed on my own.

Hopefully I will be back there soon with someone by my side so I can explore and appreciate India for the beauty I know it has.

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  1. Am so sorry that you went through this ….. India is a complex beast … she has her highs and she has her lows… but women's safety I wish I could contradict you .. but yes .. offlate it is unsafe .. even for Indian women … I do travel a lot even at midnight in my city (chennai) but then I am always super alert … I have my own vehicle and I would be lying if I said I am not scared … Again sorry about this and wish our generation raises men better …

  2. Being an India , new delhi is worst place i visited ,plz visit kerela and sikkim u feel like foreign country….they are so nice….visit Indo-Bhutan…❤

  3. See, one can find a lot of different people in India. Some will be really helpful and selfless. They just want their country to look great and so they will help foreigners as much as possible. But there are some who thinks that of they are foreigners, they must have a lot of money, probably this is the best chance to steal some or to trick them and take a lot of money.
    Just some suggestion to people coming to visit India,
    1) Never come alone (especially if you are a girl. India most of the times is not safe for women living here. Foreigners is out of question)
    2) Please first, land on some big cities not one like Mathura.
    Ex- Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata. They are not just big cities but one can find a lot of foreigners there.
    3) Be very careful of your belongings.
    4) Prepare everything before coming here, which will be your first city, your guide, your group, prepare as much as possible.
    5) Connect to people on social media, check their background. Some people connect with them on social media and they can show you around. You guys have a lot of followers on insta. Post it there. I am sure a lot of Indians will comment and they will be eager to help.
    6) Try to look for people around 17-28 age group as you might find a lot of English speakers. (this is just my rought idea, no scientific basis of that).

  4. Why don't you visit PAKISTAN..??
    PAKISTAN was trolled by world with the name of terrorism…
    But after the successful operations of pakistan Army made whole PAKISTAN peaceful… And here's people are most generous to welcome guests and give them respect as Islam teach them…

  5. Würde the Hell did u go there all
    Alone ?

    Even Indians in foreign do tries don’t go back there

    If it was a good country no one would leave the country. XD

  6. It's too bad you didn't have an Indian friend go with you, my fiance/husband met me at the airport and I never went anywhere without either my husband or his sister or mother alone. They knew it would not be safe for me to be alone. Once I was taking a walk with my husband at night in his relatives village near fields and this man started shouting and pointing at me, my husband and I quickly went back to his relatives home, and he told me the guy said, "give me that girl! I want her!".

  7. Was her story that she was going to get schemed into getting kidnapped incl by a taxi driver or someone offering to help her get food or get to a hotel

  8. I’m sorry but I’m a female and a traveller and I go to every place in India by myself. There are a ton of female travellers that come to India and they absolutely love it. I think it also has to do with one’s maturity level when it comes to handling situations. Three days is not even enough time to judge a place.

  9. You need a tough guy by your side in most of India. Then it can be fun. Avoid UP for sure. Go to the hilly states, Goa, Rajasthan, southern India and you will have a good experience. Mostly, poor people and the conservative guys in India are uncivilised. Stay away from them.

    The government needs to control these taxi drivers and guides.

  10. And that is why I never want to step foot in India. I live in China for work and have traveled within China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore with no problems. I never once felt unsafe. India, as much as I would like to go and eat myself silly there, I will never step foot there ALONE. A society that treats women like "things" does not deserve my business. The excuse of it being a patriarchal society is not enough to justify how they treat women. The horror stories we've all heard and seen. Every society on this planet is patriarchal but India is one of those places that take it to the extreme. When local Indian women fear for their lives just taking the bus, walking to school and work, or getting food, and it has nothing to do with being in the bad or good side of the city, you know there is something wrong with that country's or society's mentality. It's a shame as India has so much history and experiences unlike other places…. But if the experiences are being stalked, groped, attacked, tricked and raped then NO THANK YOU. You are certainly not the first female vlogger to experience something nasty just because you're a woman. Even when you're covered with nothing tight, it really doesn't matter. The fact that you're a woman, you are a target. I'm so sorry this happened to you and nothing worse happened like other ppl I know and heard about. It's the 21st century but some peoples brains are stuck in the 1st century. We are all born from women, women put everyone on this earth, including men…. Only to be traumatized and victimized by them. It makes you wonder how these so-called "men" treat their wives, daughters, and even their own mothers. Even if you were raised by a bad mother, that's still not a reason to be a dick misogynist. Do women treat males like this for no reason?… Yeah, didn't think so. But safe and happy travels.

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