Travel Fishing Rod : How strong is a Travel Fishing Rod from Amazon?

Travel Fishing Rod Video

Travel Fishing Rod

How strong is a Travel Fishing Rod from Amazon?

How strong is a Travel Fishing Rod from Amazon?

Today we are strength testing a telescopic fishing rod ordered from Amazon. We have all seen this fishing rod before. Can this fishing rod hold up to a fish of size? We want to know how much weight this fishing rod can hold without breaking.
Get ready because we are putting this rod to the test. Lets see if this rod will hold up, or if it will snap upon pressure. We hope to help you decide whether or not you want to put your hard earned money into this fishing rod.

Telescopic rod:

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  1. I wish you could estimate how big a fish you can catch with it… But I guess may a max of 2 lbs fish.. coz some fish are really strong…

  2. Your test is really flawed to be honest. The buoyancy of the water takes stress off of your rod.. regardless of the fish size. You wouldn’t hold the rod like that when fighting a fish either. The angle you held the rod at puts stress on the weakest part of the rod. However, those rods really are garbage. I hope your healed up by now and I enjoy your videos. Hopefully this video saves people the hassle and money and they don’t buy this rod. There’s a lot of reasonably priced gear out there.. btw your review on the kastking réel was awesome

  3. I’d love to see a video of you doing the same thing with that rod you used in your “Save your Money! Telescopic Fishing Rod VS Two-piece Fishing Rod” and see how it fairs. Would be a great demonstration!

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