Travel Faster Than Light : How to travel faster than light

Travel Faster Than Light Video

Travel Faster Than Light

How to travel faster than light

How to travel faster than light

Traveling faster than light is one of humanity’s dreams. Sadly, modern physics doesn’t cooperate. However there are examples where it really is possible to travel faster than light. In this video, Fermilab’s Dr. Don Lincoln tells us of these ways in which the universe breaks the ultimate speed limit.

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  1. So how is it that we can see the cmbr – it's coming from close to 50 billion light years – which is beyond the 14 billion light years mentioned here?

  2. Perhaps a 4th way:
    Take an OMG particle travelling for 100 million years. At the end of its journey, the OMG particle would say it covered 100 million light years in just a few hours. So, as far as the particle is concern it exceeded the speed of light.

  3. Your slide at 1:45 makes it look like speed of light is not "about" 186,000 miles/second but is "exactly" that value (because you are using "about" modifier for the metric value but not for the imperial one). Which is miss…

  4. If you are giving 186,000 miles/second then you can totally do with 300,000 km/second instead of being a-nal about "metric crowd".

  5. As a practical matter, If you take the mass you are trying to go faster than light, reduce the mass to "massless" in reference to the Universe (Deflector Theory) (Shield Theory) Still relatively fiction, but a massless object can go the Speed of Light (and Beyond) in reference to the Universe where "nothing" can go faster than light.

  6. Hello Don !
    I like your series and I learned a lot from it, but I think it would be more accurate NOT to say, that in quantum entanglement ‚information‘ is being exchanged faster than light, because, preciously seen, it is not (see 3:40)
    The entanglement breaks down instantly, but there is no information being exchanged.
    You‘ll for sure know this, however, I stumbled when hearing that, as this touches in my eyes one of the key points of ‚speed of light‘:
    Something can ‚happen‘ faster than light (like spacetime extension or wave function breakdown) but no information can ‚go‘ faster than light.
    I hope, you do not consider this as too picky hearing it from a skilled amateur, but as I said, in my eyes this detail touches one of the key points about the speed of light.
    Have a good day !

  7. Humans eyes are faster then the speed of light. For example. You put two objects at a distance relatively separate from one another, and as you look or glance, you can move your eyes from one objest to next faster then speed of light. Your wellcome.

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