Travel Doctor : What Travel Vaccinations do I Need?

Travel Doctor Video

Travel Doctor

What Travel Vaccinations do I Need?

What Travel Vaccinations do I Need?

Travel vaccinations will not only prevent fatal illnesses whilst travelling abroad, some are also required before you can enter high-risk countries.

In this short video, film maker and experienced traveller, Tom Jenkinson, shares his experience of getting immunised before travelling and what essential first aid items he packed in his medical kit.

If you are travelling to places like South America, East Africa or countries with poor sanitation then it is important to get immunised. Visit your GP, or local independent travel clinic, for a full list of the travel vaccinations you’ll need.

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  1. "HIV so take condoms to Africa". What a stupid statement! What are you going there for, sex tourism? You should use condoms even in your own country the UK if sleeping around!

  2. In the history of science and medicine society have held fast to some
    F#(k@% up theories like blood letting, Mercury treatments, lobotomies,
    electro shock therapy. DR and health experts even had study after study
    that smoking cigarettes did not cause cancer the science was settle
    there was no debate. Just like Monsanto have study after study to prove
    that Glyphosate do not cause cancer. The truth about that lie has come
    out and the same is happening with vaccines. They are not safe and
    effective, and they do cause a lot of harm, death, decrease, and
    illness. It says so in the vaccine inserts If you don't believe the
    INSERTS about all the effects vaccine have. Who the hell you going to

  3. Please watch vaxxed, and search Tenpenny vaccinations on YouTube, to know the truth about vaccinations. I am in healthcare and I'm lucky enough to have done more research outside of what you are forced to study, it's all manipulated. Vaccinations are a direct cause of autism especially if your body has a reaction and the doctor gives you antibiotics. Your microorganisms is your defense mechanism, that is why it is so important for newborns to wait as long as you can, or simply do not get them. Either way, these corporations are out of control, it's always about money, and they make hundreds of billions a year off vaccinations. When I was naive, I got vaccinated before I did study abroad to learn Spanish , and it made me feel dumb and sick for several months, and that was before I left for the study abroad. That is when I decided to do some serious research myself. If I only had time to show you what some of us already know. Please wait as long as you can if you're going to get your kids vaccinated. An open mind is a healthy mind, and a healthy body, truly naturally healthy organic food and all, will allow your body to protect itself the natural way it was meant to protect itself. It's hard to believe since I truly got healthy, that I have not been sick since, that was nine years ago. Please wake up. Do not blindly trust mainstream especially the pharmaceutical industry who wants you to be a lifelong client. Please do your research and be careful.

  4. One of my patients got a condition in her muscle after a series of travel vaccines. Basically her muscle in her neck fires constantly. She cannot control it so she is in a lot of discomfort. I know most of us never thought to question what is actually in these pharmaceutical products. We should question everything. Especially what we are putting in our own body.

  5. Make sure you check the actual laws of the country you're planning to visit because apparently there is something like only one country in the world that truly requires vaccines. Recommended is not the same thing and you can absolutely decline. Vaccines are unproven and come with a boat load of very serious potential health risks.

  6. Biggest lies vaccine is money for the pharmaceutical companies and agenda 21 , people should refused vaccines

  7. I got typhoid, yellow fever and meningitis. The meningitis one didn't hurt only a bit sore after. The yellow fever stinged a little and the typhoid only felt like a pinch but it hurts a lot right now I have to take ibuprofen:(

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