Travel Cot Till What Age : Hauck Baby Center Travel Cot – How To Fold and Build | BabySecurity

Travel Cot Till What Age Video

Travel Cot Till What Age

Hauck Baby Center Travel Cot – How To Fold and Build | BabySecurity

Hauck Baby Center Travel Cot - How To Fold and Build | BabySecurity

The Baby Centre is the perfect companion for any parent whilst travelling on holiday or simply taking a trip to see relatives. The Hauck Baby Centre has been specially designed for use from birth until you baby can sit u unaided. The Baby Centre has two main functions but also comes with a large range of specialist features. Hauck have designed the Baby Centre as a bassinet cot so your new born can sleep peacefully while not being too low in the cot so they feel safe and secure. The railings on the cot a design to be high enough to prevent your newborn from rolling out of the cot but low enough so they feel close to you as the parent.

Once you’re new-born gets too big for the bassinet you can simply unclip it from the main frame and put the mattress in to the bottom of the cot. This creates a simply everyday use travel cot which you can then use up to any age until the travel cot is no longer needed. As well has having the two sleep functions the Baby Centre can also be fitted with a multi-functional nappy station, you can use this in as many ways you wish. The Nappy Station will hold all the essentials you need to make travelling easier. Also availble with the Baby Centre is the unique cot mobile which will gently soothe your baby to sleep.


Bassinet cot to keep your baby happy
Second floor Level
Nappy changing station
Cot mobile
use from birth unti your child can sit up unaided

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  1. The “mattress” is pretty pathetic. You will need to buy a mattress to place inside the cot. The one that comes with it is very hard.

  2. I cant unlock the long sides and lock the short sides😤😤🤦🤷…i want to throw it out the window!!!

  3. Omg tyvm!!! I been looking everywhere to search for folding pop up bed. Finally found it! You helped a lot. I was gonna give up. Now my living shall have more space. Great video & once again tyvm.

  4. Horrible advice !!! Never put extra mattress that do not go with manufacture . That extra space btw mattress and wall can catch baby

  5. I knew this was going to aggregate me so I quickly went to YouTube for help. I watched one video that was great, but I couldn't understand how they unlocked the sides. Your video does this and nicely done. Thank you.

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