Travel Channel Yoga : (R) SPELIOTIS Travel Channel ~ Naked Yoga NYC

Travel Channel Yoga Video

Travel Channel Yoga

(R) SPELIOTIS Travel Channel ~ Naked Yoga NYC

(R)  SPELIOTIS Travel Channel ~  Naked Yoga NYC

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by: Eskie ~ May, 2007

Yoga & nakedness go well together.

It is recognized that yoga has varied benefits –
Physical, mental, spiritual.
Yoga is about the body, about body awareness,
body acceptance. All of that is enhanced when
one is naked.

Yoga teaches acceptance of whatever our physical ability
might be at the moment. Being naked in Yoga class teaches us acceptance of our bodies as they are. ~ each part of one’s body
is equal to all the others, and those parts are all good.
If people do not hide their imperfections from each other, they find that, in accepting others, they accept themselves.

When it is understood in any particular environment that nakedness
is not an invitation to sex, people who are naked together, who share their vulnerability, discover an unselfconscious connection, a relationship of enhanced spirituality that adds yet more meaning to
the yogic experience.
Yoga should be done naked.

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