Travel Channel Writers : Why Writers Should Travel – Travel Vlog Part 1

Travel Channel Writers Video

Travel Channel Writers

Why Writers Should Travel – Travel Vlog Part 1

Why Writers Should Travel - Travel Vlog Part 1

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for the next part of my travel vlog, coming soon. Subscribe to my channel for more writing vlogs and writing-related content. 🙂

All clips and photos were taken by yours truly.

Music by the “Vudbychi” Chorus
“Мисяць на нэби” (“The moon in the heavens”)
“В гаю зелененькім” (“In a green grove”)

Happy writing!
~Dawn Kozak


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  1. I love this vlog so much! All the footage, the architecture and everything was beautiful! I've never been to Ukraine and I don't know much about the country, but I love how educational and inspirational you made this vlog. Definitely made me want to learn more about Ukrainian history and culture!
    I love everything you said about why it's important for writers to travel, and even talking to people who live in other countries as well if you can't travel because I feel like that's a great resource as well!
    Thank you for sharing, I'm looking forward to the next part of your travel vlog! Sorry I can't help with the editing software search, I use a Mac. But I know a lot of people use Adobe Premiere? I think it's called. Though that might be expensive.

  2. Wow, that music is gorgeous! This whole video is SOO beautiful! I didn't think it was too shaky, definitely still got to see how pretty everything is, and I love how you're wearing a traditional blouse! I admit, I don't know much about Ukraine politics and what has been happening over there, so everything you mentioned was super enlightening. I love what you said about not taking photos and living in the moment, I think it's tricky finding that balance of just experiencing it and wanting to remember it forever via snapshot. Unfortunately I haven't been able to travel too much, but next spring my family is taking a Baltic cruise, and I am so excited to see and experience these places for myself. We'll be in Russia for 2 whole days and I think I'm looking forward to that the most as one of my oldest novels (that I may or may not ever publish but is super precious to me) is set in a fantasy version of Russia. I'm excited to see Part 2!!

  3. Ah, Ukraine!!! I was about to guess that right before I watched this. I loved seeing the footage you got of all of those amazing places. What an awesome experience! And the music was hauntingly beautiful.
    I had two friends in Ukraine during the revolution. It sounds like it was a scary time.
    Travel is totally invaluable as a writer, I have to agree. I’ve spent years doing research for my book, but spending two days actually there in the location where my book takes place was by far the most helpful thing for me. It inspired me with ideas for the story and for several of the characters as well.
    Was it just you who went to Ukraine? Did your husband and baby go along with you or did they stay home?

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