Travel Channel Shows 2019 : Jack Osbourne & Katrina Weidman On Their Travel Channel Show, "Portals to Hell"

Travel Channel Shows 2019 Video

Travel Channel Shows 2019

Jack Osbourne & Katrina Weidman On Their Travel Channel Show, "Portals to Hell"

Jack Osbourne & Katrina Weidman On Their Travel Channel Show, "Portals to Hell"

In Travel Channel’s “Portals to Hell,” Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman investigate the world’s most sinister haunted locations they suspect are gateways to the spirit world. They peer into the dark void of the unknown as they document evidence of paranormal activity and search for answers about the afterlife. This is the future of paranormal research, and Jack and Katrina are taking along a team of seasoned pros to record it all.

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  1. Any paranormal show with Jack Osborne sucks! First off of you wanna investigate the paranormal but then leave an area almost immediately when you start to hear or see activity then your probably not meant to do it. And second Katrina has way bigger balls than him whenever she mentions going off on their own jack cringes.
    This show is horrible, i watch because i love the locations they've hit so far but other than that this is one of tre worst paranormal shows to date.

  2. I'm not getting this on Paranormal Lockdown they caught heaps of evidence yet Katrina won't admit this fact I really thought this would be better I'm disappointed and I like Katrina and Jack as people

  3. Gone are the days of wanting to help people with REAL paranormal activity now everyone wants to play with the "devil," The world is evil enough without doing this. Even Bagans has gone to the dark side. I'm over it. Dead Files is pretty awesome. Katrina, I will team up with you to help people or even the 72 hr sleepover.

  4. I can't believe y'all are doing Bobby Mackeys. They believe there is a demon yet allow people in for paid tours AND jumping down in the dry well or cistern. I find this totally irresponsible on the part of everyone. You are potentially putting people's lives on the line all for a TV show

  5. Jack needs to be extra careful especially with his MS. You have extra senses coming to you because you continue to lose some senses at times. The entities are aware of your weaknesses. Please protect yourself a lot more.

  6. You mad cause Nick left don't lie, ya took thee 1st Thing that Came Along. Seems Fake already..

  7. i had to fart while watching this. It smelled like Hell. Come 'researching' it please, its torturing me !

  8. Hey Katrina. 1.What is "atricious?" 2. Were you ever concerned your naivety and blanket use of terms to cover a very real realm might be looked at like you deserve to die for what you've done? You seem down for a fear ritual. Zzz. Just curious.

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