Travel Channel San Diego : Visit San Diego – 5 Things You Have to Eat in San Diego, California

Travel Channel San Diego Video

Travel Channel San Diego

Visit San Diego – 5 Things You Have to Eat in San Diego, California

Visit San Diego - 5 Things You Have to Eat in San Diego, California

San Diego, California has some of the most eclectic, interesting and tasty foods in the USA. This video covers what you should eat when you visit San Diego. Whether you visit for Comic Con in the Summer or for the great weather all year round here are five things every visitor, tourist, traveler, foodie, person should eat and enjoy when they visit San Diego.
#1. Carne Asada Fries: this San Diego specialty is high on the flavor and the calories, but you will love every bite. Carne Asada Fries are french fries covered in carne asada (steak tips), guacamole, sour cream, and cheese. They are delicious to the last bite (if you can finish them, they come in big servings).
#2. California Burrito & Mexican Food: Southern California has amazing Mexican food. No matter where you go you will have awesome Mexican food from fish tacos to sopes. One California specialty is the California burrito which is basically carne asada fries wrapped up in a flour tortilla.
#3. Seafood: San Diego is on the coast and the amount of seafood you can eat and enjoy is immeasurable. So grab some fish tacos or grilled fish and enjoy.
#4. Craft Burgers: yes, head to California and have some amazing hamburgers. The craft burger scene in San Diego is off the charts. Whether it is a PB&J burger or a burger with lobster or whatever you heart may want. You will have a great burger (or sandwich) all over San Diego.
#5. Craft Beer: San Diego has over 200 places where they are brewing and tasting beer and you should never drink anything BUT local beer in San Diego.
#6. Acai Bowl & Brunch: San Diego loves brunches and you will have lots of opportunities to try some of the amazing brunch cuisine when you are in San Diego. However, if you are looking for a healthy breakfast try an Acai Bowl. This is Acai, granola, bananas, strawberries, coconut, (other fruits sometimes) and then honey on top. It is a healthy way to start your day and it tastes great.

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  1. Sad that there’s no mention of Filippis in Jamul. Forget the other locations, this one does it the best. It might be a bit of a drive if you’re in the city but it’ll be all worth it when you actually try the pizza.

  2. We have great Mexican food, great Burgers, and great Asian food too. San Diego is a great melting pot of food and people. I love my home town (Chula Vista)

  3. Next time you're in San Diego go to aqui es texcoco that my friend is authentic Mexican food! (Am live at San Diego and am Mexican) every time I go there I feel like am eating my grandma's food!

  4. San Diego is a big city made up of many neighborhoods, reflecting diverse culinary destinations. Cali-Mex cuisine can be found throughout the county (CA burritos and fries), and since it's so close to the border, with a bit of research, one can find authentic interior Mexican cuisine, in addition to "Baja-Mediterranean" fusion delights in both ritzy and neighborhood areas. City Heights has a Vietnamese quarter with some great pho restaurants, and Kearney Mesa has tasty (and hip!) Korean and Japanese spots. If you want seafood, find a food truck with a line of customers serving Mexican cocktails (ceviches) and fish tacos. The craft beer is excellent.

  5. California burrito is definitely a San Diego thing. It’s our Philly Cheesesteak. You don’t find it all over California. It’s spread a little though

  6. just change ur chan name to craft stuff … thats why u get so many dislikes bro … we get it bro u love craft stuff . we came to ur chan to see info on san diego stuff…. and all we hear is craft…craft….craft beer….crafttt….. craft burgers…. craftt…. go back and count it…. its really bad bro .

  7. 1. birria tacos @ Las quatros milpas
    2. In &out burger or slaters 50/50
    3. Buffet at Viejas casino
    4. O.B. noodle house
    5. Carne asada @ Tacos de Revolucion. (better than Gordo's)

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