Travel Channel Romania : Travel Channel Wild Carpathia I HD Episodul 1 : TRANSYLVANIA – Transilvania

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Travel Channel Romania

Travel Channel Wild Carpathia I HD Episodul 1 : TRANSYLVANIA – Transilvania

Travel Channel Wild Carpathia I HD Episodul 1 :  TRANSYLVANIA - Transilvania

Charlie Ottley ventures deep into the breath-taking but little known mountains and forests of Carpathia. Home to bears, wolves and the elusive lynx, this is perhaps the last great wilderness in Europe, seen as never before. Charlie provides a unique insight into the scenic beauty and rich culture of the region, exploring its chequered history from the mystical ruins of the ancient Dacian civilisations to its medieval communities, the heritage of which survives intact to this day. In his quest to find remote villages, cross mountains and spot bears in the wild, Charlie meets a range of colourful characters including shepherds, artists, eco-warriors, craftsmen, trackers, even a Count. Wild Carpathia captures the fragile majesty of a unique eco-system and show why it deserves to be preserved in all its glory for the benefit of future generations.

Wild Carpathia is a stunning documentary about a little-known part of Europe. Romania has a huge virtually-untouched area of mountains almost the size of Britain. It is the heavily-forested home to some of Europe’s most exciting species, including alpine Chamois, and particularly large carnivores like Brown Bears, Wolves and the elusive Lynx. Much of the area is a time-capsule with an almost-medieval life-style.

Wild Carpathia takes you deep into these Transylvania forests and mountains. Presented by Charlie Ottley, it follows his quest to find remote villages, cross mountains and spot bears in the wild. During this journey he meets a dedicated group of individuals whose passion for this area is helping to redefine its importance as one of the great surviving wonders of the natural world. These include a Transylvanian Count, who is working to conserve some of the most ancient of Carpathia’s medieval villages and HRH The Prince of Wales, who can trace his ancestry back to Romania’s dark and distant past.

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  1. So sad that even here we don”t get rid of those idiots who like to think that they own the ultimate truth, so sad that they cannot mind thir own business and keep on spreading their poyson around…no respect whatsoever!
    Thank you, Charlie Ottley for this documentary.
    România, te iubesc!

  2. charlie ottley , dont ever say Romania is a poor country stupid. Is not compare with your shit hole where you are live.

  3. I hope the people of this land arent fooled by the environmentalists who are trying to “help them” by “protecting” the land.

    Think of them as softer tyrants. They lust for control, much like past invaders, and will eventually displace the indigenous people.

    When the top echelon of these organizations carve out the choice locations for their own private getaways, you’ll know your grandchildren’s fate.

    Rural cleansing.

  4. Don't be too taken in by the environmentalists, it is a one sided monologue. In life, moderation.

    This concept of "Ours" is interesting. Who owned it before they owned it? Can't we just be a good steward of it while we are on it? Some days we seem to be overly consumed with owning title to something that will be here when we are gone. We often want to manage our neighbor's place better than we manage our own.

    Move here, take over a piece (legally) an make it better. That should be our goal in life rather than to change the past and complain about it.

    I will soon visit here and I search People, culture, food, music, and contribute where I can to the place where I stay. Hopefully I will make friends, not force a change of my standards to anyone else's. Be good, be nice, and say thanks…

  5. I cannot for the life of me thank you enough for this video young squire. Totally blew me away. Simply amazing. Thank you.

  6. Romania is amazing. If you love the Lakes (UK) you will be amazed and excited with Carpathia. Can anyone in Romania help me? I am looking for a map of the Muntii Cernei of Muntii Mehedinti around Herculanae. I have been several times and there are only waymarks unlike other mountains where great maps are available. The English just love maps and are lost without them! Please help!

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