Travel Channel Reddit : People Share Their Most DISTURBING Dreams – (r/AskReddit)

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People Share Their Most DISTURBING Dreams – (r/AskReddit)

People Share Their Most DISTURBING Dreams - (r/AskReddit)

What’s the most disturbing dream you’ve ever had? Share your own dreams in the comments section below!


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  1. 12:46 this is why I’m terrified of my dreams I have this too and u never know if ur awake or not, I once passed out and my brain was telling me that I was waking up for a new day at school, turns out I had already passed out AT school and I had no recollection of hitting my head until it hurt when I woke

  2. I was at the grocery store looking for baby food. My eight month old son was sitting in the seat on the shopping cart playing with his stuffed monkey. He dropped it and an old woman picked it up for him. She scolded him saying he should be more careful with his toys, then made the monkey do a dance whilst singing a song in some strange language. She then tossed the monkey into the basket and walked away. I just rolled my eyes at her and handed the monkey back to my son. I turned from the basket for a split second and when I turned back my son just looked, I don't know, off. Like he was kind of the droopy the way a three month old baby might be. His face began to turned red then blueish. I assumed he was choking so I went to take him out of the seat.

    Before I go on, my son is very solid. He's easily 27 pounds at this point. Back to the dream then lol.

    He felt so light. Like a pillow or something. As I lifted him I heard this a sort of suction release sound. My son's organs were just sitting on the seat below him. There was no blood on him and his clothes were all intact. Just a pile of baby sized organs.

  3. A bridge collapse due to an earthquake

    It’s one I’ve been on before it was SO Fking detailed that I could make out the gender and hair color of the drivers behind me and the type and color of the cars around me and the song that was on the radio

    Yeah let’s just say I HATE that bridge now and I have a slight phobia of it I had no issue going over it in the past

  4. I had a disturbing dream. But then it happened. I dreamed our house caught fire and my parents were trapped in their room with fiery beams blocking all exits. I lifted one in and could almost feel the fire burning into me. My parents escaped but the beam snapped and I got pinned under it.

    6 months and 3 weeks later I woke up at 2:20 am to smoke and heat. I heard a window shatter and my dad yell: “The door’s blocked!” (their bed caught fire and the window was right above it. So no escape there) I ran through the house and up the stairs to find the roof starting to cave in, and at the end of the hallway a fiery beam, much like from my dream, blocking the way. I quickly ran and soaked a towel with water. I wrapped it around my neck and proceeded to squat lift the beam. Long story short from here, my parents escaped and while the roof collapsed around me trapping me inside. A beam crushed my leg and I was sat there with 3rd degree burns for 20 minutes while firefighters took down the fire. I lost half my left shin and have a prosthetic now.

  5. What dreams mean:

    Falling: You feel as if your life is going downhill, or your life can be perfectly fine, but you are afriad of things getting worse.

    Almost making it but then falling: This means you are trying to do something but you keep failing over and over

    Drowning (unpleasant): This means you feel overwhelmed by life

    Drowning/swimming (pleasant): This means you may have bad mental health or you feel as if life is whatever, and don't fear death

    Dreaming about bugs: You might have claustrophobia or a big fear of bugs/infestation

    Death of a loved one: You could be having a hard time getting over a loss, or if they have not passed away, you may be afraid that they will soon or just really fear of losing them.

    Death of strangers: You are afraid of a global tragedy or a world-wide/large problem

    Zombies: Either you've watched something scary about zombies recently or fear being tracked down

    Being chased: Your life might be sparatic or crazy, and you feel like you can never get away from it or wish to get away

    Running away: You feel too restricted by rules or boundaries and need more freedom in your life

    Getting physically hurt (stabbed, punched, etc.): This could be pain from real life slipping into your dream, like if you slept on your arm funny and it began to hurt as you were sleeping, your brain may make you think that you are getting stabbed in the arm. Or it could mean that you are afraid of getting hurt/feeling pain or feel threatened in day to day life.

    Disclaimer: Not all of these could be true for you, but sometimes our brains take certain feelings and throw them into our dreams and these are the most common interpretations. If you have a dream you are wondering about, comment and i'l try to help.

  6. I had a dream that I was driving down interstate 80 in my tiny Honda Accord coup- and several semi trucks surrounded me, I remember thinking “oh it’s fine they’ll move around this next bend” we reach a bend in the road and they slowly start to crush my car- eventually I’m completely crush and I see across my field of view my crushed car in a kind of third person view: then I see “you will not respawn” with a 3 second timer.

    Those 3 seconds I was filled with extreme existential dread- I woke up in a panic thankful it was a dream but still panicked from the terror of those words.

    Real life isn’t a video game and my dreams hammered that home to the extreme…

  7. Don't know if I'm late to comment but I've had plenty of strange and quite disturbing dreams but one I had fairly recently (about a couple months ago) was so dark! At least by my standards. The atmosphere to the whole dream felt suffocating and dark, there was no color to the world beside a sepia tint to everything and vibrant red. In my neighborhood there were plenty of kids on my block. I had to babysit two of these children, both sisters one around 7 the other 5. We went to play outside in this forest behind my house and we went too deep. We got lost and once we found our way out we were on a whole different side of the neighborhood. It was getting late and we needed to get back to my place quick. We stopped at the side of the road to hitchhike (not smart) and a shady guy pulled up with a van. He told us to hold onto the top of the van and stand on the skirts so we did. We told him the address (once again not smart) and he started "taking us there." I had a feeling he was up to no good and he started to speed so I panicked and told them to jump. The 7 year old only got minor scrapes but the 5 year old busted her head open on the road I run up to her and try to shake her awake. It was no use she was as dead as a doornail bright red of her blood was just splashed all over the pavement. I panicked, left the two behind to get help (I was an IDIOT in this dream) but the guy swerved around and hit me with the van. I flew ten feet into the air I felt so many things twist and break and as soon as I hit the ground my vision went crazy and I was convulsing it was not pleasant. I woke up in such a cold sweat!

  8. I had a dream where a bunch of trucks were defending me and my school from a horde of zombies. I woke up right before I got crushed by a wheel.

  9. I dreamed of getting robbed, and then when i saw the robber/murder he had a chainsaw. He cut me into pieces, then
    all remember is losing my breath and waking up. I feel attacked.

  10. This is the creepiest dream I've ever had. All the lights went out and I couldn't turn them back on, so I ran downstairs because I was scared, and my mom was there. She hugged me, but I felt like something was off so I broke away. Then I woke up, (Not for real though) and I didn't feel like going back to sleep so I grabbed a book off my pillow to start reading. In the book, there was a story about a monster that enters your dreams and kills you by pretending to be someone close to you. Then the lights went out again. I was able to turn my lamp on this time, but nothing else. I felt like I needed to go downstairs, but since I'm paranoid af, I decided to bring the book with me so that I had a weapon. Except it was gone. I got up off my bed to go search for something else, but as soon as I did, the lights went out again. I felt for my bed, but it was gone. Then my alarm sounded and I woke up for real. What really scared me was how real it seemed, and how much I behaved like I would if I were in that situation.

  11. Once I had a dream that I was standing in front of my highschool with a large group of friends, but it wasn't really my highschool and I dont know any of the people irl, I just knew they were my friends and I loved and trusted them. We were standing around waiting for our final friend to come out and we were just kinda chatting about where she could be. Finally I look up and see her in a window at the top floor of the school. Shes banging on the window and trying to yell at us, but no one can understand what she is trying to say. We eventually decide that she must be lost, but no one seems to care except me. I just feel terrified that something will happen to her so I volunteer to find her. I enter the school and its completely empty. No students, no teacher, no janitors, and it is completely clean like it was brand new and no one had ever been in it. I find a flight of stairs and climb up, and find the hallway the girl was in. It looks like the hallway to a hospital. I feel someone is watching me and I look behind me and see an old lady with a cane. I look forward again, then hear footsteps behind me. I look over the old lady is running towards me at breakneck speeds, her jaw hanging open like it's broken and shes shrieking. I run away from her and eventually collide into a window, I look down and see my group of friends. I begin banging on the window as I scream for help. One girl looks up, shes the one I came to find. She just smiles at me and dosent tell anyone that I'm up there. Im glad she found a way out and is safe. I try to leave the building but can't find where I entered from and I hear scuttling, like rats in the walls. I finally find a way out of the building and rush over to where my friends were, but they are gone. They abandoned me. I realized they dont care about me, but for some reason I dont care. I'm just happy they're all safe. I wander around the haunted school a bit before I finally wake up.
    Sorry for the poor grammar, I'm not used to writing on my phone.

  12. I had a dream where the entire Mario crew was in the room, they were plush-sized but still active. I don't know what Wario said that pissed me off so much but I snatched him up from the neck and slammed him on my bed

    I then proceeded to viciously rape him, in front of his friends who just didn't seem to care. I woke up and just laid there staring at my wall, wondering what kind of shit my mind was on to make that kind of thing up.


  13. I had a dream a few days ago, it was kinda disturbing.

    I can't remember the details, but I remember I spent all of my savings on a shitty P2W game.

    Yeah, kinda freaked me out for a bit until I realized it was a dream and the saving envelope is still full.

  14. My Great-grandma died when I was 17 and we had a closed casket funeral but some of her friends wanted to see her to say goodbye so we allowed the casket open before the funeral. We walked in when it was time to start and they had forgotten to close the lid and we saw Grandma. That night I had a dream I was in the funeral parlour with Grandma laying in her casket and she sat up and smiled at me but it wasn't a normal smile because her lips were stretched out.

  15. I had a dream where my dad ( Who broke up with my mom ) murdered my dog, my mom's friend and then my mom.

    Edit: I'm 99% sure it was just my brain facing the worst from my parent's breakup. Making up bad scenarios and basically just trying to get over it.

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