Travel Channel Queens Ny : Queens NYC Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

Travel Channel Queens Ny Video

Travel Channel Queens Ny

Queens NYC Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

Queens NYC Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

Queens NYC Travel Guide: Everything you need to know, Today well give you the Ultimate guide on New York City’s largest borough Queens!

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  1. How do you manage traveling in Queens with Uber? Lyft? With all the traffic? BQE? Grand Central Parkway? How long was your average commute?

  2. If you ever go to flushing meadow park try to go to a place called Empanadas Cafe it in Corona and it make pretty damn good food

  3. Not only that but the 7 Train does not go to the far east of Queens. In terms of the subway the most east station is Jamaica-179st on the F train line, but u are rlly tryna go east LIRR is the way to go. Also Queens is safe only in certain areas. In general, North and central Queens are pretty avg with neighborhoods such as Jamaica Estates or Fresh Meadows with a bit higher than avg safety. South Queens( in general south of Hillside Ave) is where the shady shit goes down. There are high rates of violent crimes and robbery especially in the south Jamaica/St. Albans area near the projects.

  4. It's really annoying when u got tourists acting like they know nyc and giving tours. Flushing ain't far east at all. U tryna go east? Go to little neck or Bellerose or Floral Park. They all right next to Long Island now those neighborhoods are far east.

  5. Dude did not even go half way thru Queens. He called Flushing the Far east when its in the middle lol. Never even made it to the eastern half of Queens after hyping it up. What bullshit

  6. I have a recommendation for a great place to Eat in Astoria The Bel Aire Diner on 21 Street and Broadway its a 10 min walk to the N and W subway lines

  7. There is also alot of Bangladeshi and Pakistani places in Jackson Heights. Many of the Indians moved to areas like Bellerose and Floral Park in Queens, or to Long Island or New Jersey. For the most part the Bangladeshis took over.

  8. Hey what the Smurf i am in Arizona right now Where Kew Gardens I was Born there wtf not on ur channel Dani's House of Pizza i miss that Pizza 🙁 ::(

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