Travel Channel Phone Number : HOW TO TRAVEL VLOG! 4 Steps For Beginners

Travel Channel Phone Number Video

Travel Channel Phone Number

HOW TO TRAVEL VLOG! 4 Steps For Beginners

HOW TO TRAVEL VLOG! 4 Steps For Beginners

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This video shows how to travel vlog for beginners, first-time vloggers, or just someone who wants to make it for friends and family! It walks through the steps it takes to film a travel video, what to film, and how to actually edit your first vlog in iMovie – a free editing software.

Learn to create your first travel vlog today!

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About CupofTJ:
Hi! I’m TJ, travel vlogger and nomad. I create travel videos sharing cultures, destinations, and delicious street food around the world. This channel is meant to inspire adventure and the courage to pursue your daydreams.

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  1. Probably the most helpful vlogging tip video i've ever watched!!! Thank you so much! 💜 I've been vlogging for quite some time now but i for sure did not know some of the things you said here and it really motivated me to keep practicing and explore new things!!!

  2. yeah we love travel vlogs! Though we have to be careful on some places. Sometimes they don't like being included in your video. But always try and never be scared. We do travel vlogs as well and we are so passionate about it

  3. I'm new on travel vlog. So you will influence me . However, Iam shy. how do you solve that? Check my vlog and can ;you give some help….I have lots of story to tell.

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