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Travel Channel On Virgin

Travel Channel REAL: St Croix

Travel Channel REAL: St Croix

Kinga Philipps explores St Croix

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  1. Went with my family to St. Croix May 2019. I am a disable man that hobbles around with a cane.
    I had no trouble doing anything or going anywhere. I witnessed no crime.
    What I did witness was friendly people everywhere and BEAUTIFUL beaches everywhere.

    Wonderful, wonderful vacation. I want to go back.

    It is not the big tourist trap so many other places are. It is absolutely relaxing.

    We went to many beaches and never had more than a handful of people to share the beach with. Maybe 8 to 10 max.

    Food was good everywhere we at.

    If you travel to the northwest side of the island don't trust google maps. I think we drove down a dirt road over two mountains lol. Fun time getting lost.

    Well worth the trip.

  2. How do I get in touch with the woman who rescues horses? I would really love to volunteer with her when I move there next month. I’ve been riding since I was 3 and my horse died in a barn fire 7 years ago. They’re my number one passion

  3. You are six times more likely to die violently in st.croix the the usa. And their is definitely criminals waiting to get people right off the cruise ship. The us state department and even the local police advise to not go out after dark especially in certain areas. Criminals have been known to follow tourist from safe tourist areas and strike as soon as they are in the shadows carjacking kidnapping robbing and raping some victims as young as 14 years old. And guess who the criminals are. I will give you a hint they are less then six percent of the population but commit more than 50 percent of all murder and violent crime in America. They are Black men age 14 to 52.

  4. Being from Florida, when I worked down there I fell in love with St. Croix. St. Thomas was nice but I can’t wait to go back. I would love to live in St. Croix. The people were fabulous.

  5. I have an open job offer to move to STX, can't wait to get there!! I'm just stacking my money for the big move! Living on island means you need to be an entrepreneur, hopefully the oil refinery gets back to 100%, those jobs really helped the island. I had a brief stay there for 3 months and I've been trying to find my way back ever since. Working on being ready in a year for the move. If island living is your goal, GO FOR IT!! Life is to short to wonder 'what if'?

  6. I was raised on STX. I really appreciate how informative this video is to tourist and I hope that when visiting the island they take this video into consideration.

  7. Any city in USA is more dangerous than St. Croix. Follow advice of people who live there – first rule of being a foreigner. I lived there for a time and went everywhere, including the Projects, and had friends everywhere. Yeah, some ban Dreds are around, but there are some badmen anywhere. NO problems. You have to have the right attitude, to being with, some respect, and know your limits The only trouble i ever heard was when Navy ships would come in for shore leave and some newbies would decide to tangle with Dreds over drugs, or get drunk and get out of hand. Getting involved with drugs as a traveller is always a bad idea. We used to have the Moonlight cruise from Hamilton Mews every full moon, and Capt. John would take our drunk asses out to Buck Is., someone would always go overboard (besides those who went on purpose), we'd go to the Main Is. for a cookout and dance, and a few hippies would get naked, and it was all good, and no one made trouble.

  8. It's brown everywhere but rainforest in the dry season. The whole subtropics gets brown in the dry. Sad to see the reefs so badly damaged. Cane Bay and Davis Bay were unreal walls of coral back in the day – not that long ago. I miss Pepper, Hilda, Matt, Vivian and all of them at the Buck-an-hour. I miss Mon Bijou and Zion, The trail above Fountain Valley in the afternoon rain, Annaly, the Monk's Baths, the shallows at Envy Bay, the creek at Butler Bay. I MISS CONK AND SALTFISH PATTE, KALALOO, GENIPS. LOVE YOU ST. CROIX.

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