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Travel Channel New Orleans

Louisiana Travel: The Best Of New Orleans

Louisiana Travel: The Best Of New Orleans

Laissez les bons temps rouler! In New Orleans the good times are perpetually rolling down Bourbon Street, which, thanks to the city’s annual Mardi Gras celebration, has quite a party animal reputation. Once you’ve soaked up the scenery of the historic French Quarter, tour the elegant Garden District and meet the colorful characters of Frenchmen Street. Experience the city’s supernatural vibe at the Voodoo Museum or by taking a guided ghost or vampire tour through taverns, alleyways, and cemeteries.

No city in North America can compete with New Orleans when it comes to culture, food, historic architecture, joie de vivre and tourism options.

The Crescent City has suffered plagues, wars, imperial regime changes and devastating floods. Yet, it always wakes up with a smile on its face. This may be because its inhabitants step to an easy beat first laid down three centuries ago. Moving at this relaxed pace, visitors are delighted by the French Creole elegance of the Vieux Carre (French Quarter) or the opulence discovered in a streetcar ride through the Garden District and Uptown.

Anytime of year find live music, amazing Creole and Cajun cuisine, fresh seafood, farmers markets, shopping, nightlife and more. During Mardi Gras season, the city becomes the world’s center. Downtown transforms into an adult playground, while parades in residential areas provide children thrilling entertainment. Each spring, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival moves the focus to the charming Gentilly area and the Fair Grounds Race Course. But no matter the time of year, New Orleans’ calendar overflows in celebration.

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  1. Do USA people ever complete a simple sentence without proclaiming "Amazing"every fifteen seconds?Oh yeah, the other one is "awesome."

  2. I'm so glad that you guys had a wonderful time in my beautiful, friendly, eclectic state! I love your video! Please come back and see us soon!

  3. There is nothing great about that cess pool they call New Orleans. Rats in the kitchens of restaurants, murders every day and night. Innocent people and kids getting shot. The French Quarter smells like a sewage. Better places than New Orleans to spend your money in Louisiana.

  4. at 2:10 …. or so … Hummmm… 100 per night you say… I can stay at a Hostel for less then 100 for the WEEKEND … and yes there are a few within walking distance of the famous French Quarter …. but I like Mid-cty and the Garden District the BEST

  5. "[The French Quarter] is the 'heart and soul' of New Orleans"…save for the fact that if it was roped off and designated for tourists only locals wouldn't even realize it happened until Mardi Gras time.

  6. wish i watched this video before i went to new orleans. Don't know about the turtle soup tho lol . I went 2 years ago to halloween was decent trip. Wish i had a gf or wife instead i went with my homeboy so pretty much was drunk 3 days. Hopefully in future i can experience it with a gf or wife but doubt it at age 40. Cool video.

  7. My friend and her husband go down there at least twice a year. I've been to Louisiana but not New Orleans. They say Jackson Square is a happening spot.

  8. They are totally misrepresenting. Nola,it is a very poor city with more shootings and killings than anywhere,You can believe it if you want to, don't be enticed by New Orleans culture food and music because it'll be the death of you, I lived there and there is an underlying evil there and if you think it's a beautiful place think again when you're found dead.Don't trust nobody they will befriend you just to rip you off or kill you.Screw New Orleans.

  9. Everything about New Orleans is special! The vibes the food the music 💖 I’m in love and can’t wait to go back 💖💖💖🎺🎼

  10. The St. Ann Hotel actually has a cast-iron balcony, which was, in fact, a Spanish staple, as the Spanish ran the French Quarter from 1766 or so to the Louisiana Purchase. The Spanish required fire-code architecture after the two great fires of 1788 and 1794 destroyed all but two of the original French Colonial buildings, the Ursuline Convent and the Madame John's Legacy.

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