Travel Channel Merchandise : 15 BEST TRAVEL CHANNELS UNDER 15 000

Travel Channel Merchandise Video

Travel Channel Merchandise




Street Food (
3 Mules (
The Road Abode (
Clark Underwood (
Cruising Off Duty (
Erik Annderaa (
Hannah Taylor (
Life is Like Sailing (
Live, Work, Wander (
Ramblin Dawgs (
Salt and Tar (
Viva La Van (
Buttrock (
Luckyfish Gets Away (
Sailing Emerald Steel (

The Island Packrat (

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I’m a Canadian photographer from Ottawa who got rid of everything to travel to world. I make travel vlogs sharing my ups and downs, adventures on motorbikes, sailboats, and vans.

Instagram: @Finding_Simon
Snapchat: Finding_Simon
Twitter: @FindingSimon

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  1. Hello Simon! Vern told me to check out your channel and thank you for including me on this list of 15 channels. In fact every one of the channels mentioned looked very interesting so I will be checking them all out! Would you mind if I post a link of this video on my LIFE IS LIKE SAILING Facebook page? Fair winds. Alfy

  2. Hey man, thanks for recommending our channel! We've been following you for a long time and we were glad to see that you got to hang out with Dustin Morby in Chicago 🙂 We're settled in near Knoxville TN now so let us know if you're ever passing by and we can meet up. Thanks again and best of luck with your channel, congratulations on 15K!

  3. Thx for all the channels Simon! Love yours and congratulations on the sub numbers 😁 Can't wait till u are done !!!❤❤❤ Loving the Champ!

  4. Thank you for sharing your favorite Channels with us. I admire you for your hard work and untamed sense of adventure. As far as Champ goes there are no words to suffice.

  5. Whoa, I love all the vignettes of these cool channels! Wish I had the time to watch them all, but will give it a try.
    I love your style and sensibility, and it really shows in these cool channels you have suggested.

  6. Clark Underwood, Live Work Wander, Ramblin Dawgs, and Viva la Van all have excellent editing, music, content and thoughtful perspective. Quality faves!!! 👍🏆💯

  7. Wow Simon this is such an incredible idea, it makes my heart happy to see you growing our nomadic community on Youtube!

    I'll definitely be checking alot of these out and taking inspiration from these guys. How cool is it that we get to create and control our very own broadcast channels totally solo! The future rocks.

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