Travel Channel Knights Templar : Holy Grail in America

Travel Channel Knights Templar Video

Travel Channel Knights Templar

Holy Grail in America

Holy Grail in America

Has the Holy Grail been in America all along?

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  1. stupid Americans with their bullshit, like Joseph Smith who had many wives and was killed by an angry mob and L.Ron Hubbard I just laugh because L.Ron Hubbard started off as a b grade sci fi writer. Then this chain smoking ,cigar chomping bull story writer had a stroke of genius, And wrote the biggest bull story in human history, called Scientology. He was laughing all the way to the Rivera, and the morons are lining up at the doors and Hubbard was literally riding the gravy train of bull he propagated.  That is the true reason he always looked so happy when seen in public. This has to be one of the best scams ever conceived, all the other Con Men and Grifters tip their hat to L.Ron Hubbard for he has taken scams and grifting to another level. America the land of the brave and the free and the land of morons and Gun toting idiots running around and shooting all the wrong people.

  2. The "holy grail" is not a cup; it is a distortion (and distraction). It is part of the Merovingian myth that Christ and Mary Magdalene had a child and that their blood line should be the only rightful kings. The cup thing is bollocks, a templar/freemason pile of shite.

  3. Yes the Holy Grail is in America, so is the arch of Noe, and some UFOs….))) God lives in the cloods, and is busy, saving some, starving others, anyways is playing an having fun. Look for him today, but there is no cloods around, I just hope I'll be ok.

  4. Whenever you watch a documentary that is lettered with background music, I can garanree there's no conclusion.

  5. Christopher Columbus didn't discover anything! I think the stone could be authentic but more than likely it is a fake but still a historical artifact. It's not from 1362 but could be from the 1600s or 1500s.

  6. Everybody and their dog new America was there, everybody that is except the ancestors of the people who wrote text books and taught our children and continue to teach our children the wrong history of our country and who discovered it , I am so glad that I'm able to teach my grandsons what really happened in slavery, with the Native Americans, with who discovered America, and so on , they just want a nation of dumbed-down idiots it would seem

  7. "Has the Holy Grail been in America all along?" the subtitle breathlessly asks?, and the answer is of course NO of course it isn't for about a gazillion reasons (not least of which current geological evidence now points to the site being underwater 500 years ago, which I notice Mr Wolter failed to mention, thats right Scott unless your Viking/Templar's were wearing aqualungs there was no scribing going on here me old mate)

    There I have just saved you from watching 90mins of inane, rehashed rubbish, the phrase "Is it possible that….." is NOT a substitute for cold hard evidence, no I'm sorry but it's really not.
    For me the best interpretation of the Kensington Runestone came from the late historian Russell Fridley, longtime leader of the state historical society.
    It's not even a hoax, Fridley said, but a "monument to Scandinavian frontier humor."

  8. The Templars did land here in the USA, they went into the great lakes. The journies started in the 1330's, and continued till much later. Anyone that thinks that the USA was not started by the Masons not so long ago would be sterilized as they are not smart enough to be allowed to breed. Also, Secret societies don't make all their things public, and it is known that the Egyptians did have contact with Central America and that is not too far from many other things that have been found in the past. Niven Sinclair has relatives that marked many stones here on the east coast and great lakes. Cristopher Columbus never landed in North America, he was always south of what is now Florida.

  9. and we do have alot of caves here you just have to look for them some u would not find cause they are know on people,s property . i should know i went and gone into caves before and seen some wierd writing,s on them. i was a teenager then .

  10. problem is they have a clue they probably traveled just like we do know either by foot , horses, or by boat why not it makes sense go farther away so they want believe we have traveled this far something that don,t make sense actually does makes sense and i don,t have to have a colledge degree to know this and they stopped on the way for different supplies so they can travel this far away from were they are leaving why other places have different places in one place makes sense to me problem is were was thier last stop.

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