Travel Channel Jason Hawes : Ghost Hunters Pilot

Travel Channel Jason Hawes Video

Travel Channel Jason Hawes

Ghost Hunters Pilot

Ghost Hunters Pilot

The original pilot for Ghost Hunters. This is what Syfy and other networks watched to decide if they liked what they saw.

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  1. After I had my first frightening experience, this show came out and it made me start researching the paranormal. Thank you

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  3. I think i enjoyed the show when y'all were going to peoples homes. seeing allthe Touristy places was neat and loved hearing the history, but somehting about seeing people get help and getting closure or answers was always nice

  4. Y'all are so young looking! Thanks for being one of the inspirations for my own journey into the paranormal. Too bad that the majority of people do not believe in it. If they could experience and hear the things I have, the wouldn't be non believers. Villisca Axe Murder House, Lemp Mansion, Yorktown Memorial Hospital, LaVaca County Jail, and so many other places made me a believer.

  5. Jason I've watched this show since the early 2000s when you guys first started in that small trailer office and a 13 TV VCR combo. I do miss this show a lot. and being able to see you guys on the show. Back in the day I said: it would be cool to meet these guys some day since you lived in Rhode island and at that time I was living in Ct. I liked the episode you did at the music school in Hartford. I wonder if you guys drove the TAPS vans on US Route 6 right by my house.

    I as well as others would love for this show to come back. Any ideas on what channel you'll be on if you do bring the show back or maybe it's an online show like on YouTube.

  6. best show on syfy
    hope this show returns!
    favorite 1 i saw was the the tower that had a shadow look down in it inside at the top
    was hooked after i saw that!

  7. Brilliant!!! I watched EVERY EPISODE and wish that you guys would come back with something..anything new!!!! xo

  8. That was so many years ago, episode 1 and I was hooked. I mentioned about you guys having a new show, my bad I have learnt that i need to wear my glasses when watching comercials. Guess it was wishful thinking. Miss you all.

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