Travel Channel Ghosts Of Morgan City : Ghosts of Morgan City full body apparition episode 3

Travel Channel Ghosts Of Morgan City Video

Travel Channel Ghosts Of Morgan City

Ghosts of Morgan City full body apparition episode 3

Ghosts of Morgan City full body apparition episode 3

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  1. It's easy to say fake when you haven't dealt with this stuff before. It's easy to say fake when you dont think about who she was, the time period etc… but once you do, you realize that this very well could be legit.

  2. Mentioned in episode 3: Sorry Ben Hansen. Glass doesn't "run". It doesn't drip, distort or sag. That is how old glass was made was poorer quality with serious distortion for windows years ago and this old style glass is still made. Glass is melted silica I.e. sand. How much sand has anyone ever seen melt, run or pool up due to age? NONE. Unless its struck my lightning! Heat is the only thing that distorts glass, in the neighborhood of 1400°F so your explanation about "wavy glass" is an urban legend or old wives tale at best. How do we know it doesn't distort from age? Well because I've done maintenance work in the Libby Glass factory in Shrevport, LA. Also science and common sense. Anyway, no big deal it's a common mistake but it certainly is NOT an avenue for debunking.

  3. This could be real, but it's very easy to fake it with most video editing programs. You just shoot the same scene twice – one with a person and one without. You import both clips into your editor and you adjust the opacity of the clip on top, making the person transparent. It takes about 5 minutes to create this effect. Sadly, video evidence alone is not compelling evidence of ghosts.

  4. There is only one reason for the horrible Yellow Fever epidemic at Morgan City- the lack of impeccability in dealings with the native Indians, within the context of the general issue of settling here!  This is a scourge from goddess Luah, for that very reason… but not all of the Yellow Fever affliction in America was for this same reason only… this hasn't been uncommon in history, affliction for this reason… Possibly it was difficult to figure out exactly what to do- the settlements came all too soon, too much immigration zeal; Boomers an Sooners, etc…. Christianity has more self-esteem than any religion, too… It was fate, or a Manifest Destiny- but inhabitation not so precipitously, intrepidly, blindly and arrogantly.

  5. You can certainly tell by the reaction of ALL the cast and cameramen that this was a REAL capture! I wish the Travel Channel would put out a press release on this episode whether or not this was really caught!

  6. I'm not convinced. First of all the footsteps? She's wearing hard heeled boots and the "apparition" is barefoot. Come on fellas, do better.

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