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Travel Channel Boston

15 Things to Do In Boston – Travel Channel

15 Things to Do In Boston - Travel Channel

Boston is a city steeped in history and delicious food, Boston has a little something for everyone. Whether you want a guided journey on the Freedom Trail or a gustatory tour of the city’s neighborhoods, here’s what can’t be missed in Boston.

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  2. Why do these narrators try to sound automated? Just use a robot voice app. Also, noone in Boston or is going to visit Boston gives a shit about/or will visit your #2 suggestion, the African American history thing. NO ONE CARES.

  3. It has been said, and quite rightly, that Bostonians are consumed by three major passions: politics, sports, and revenge. Use any of those themes as a conversational icebreaker. Singles looking for a local hookup: be aware that your newfound romantic interest will monopolize any conversation, no matter what the topic, by switching it to a bitter denunciation of their ex's boundless depravity. The full story of the breakup/divorce will consist of approximately twenty-seven installments, each lasting about three hours. Bostonians' fascination and preoccupation with history probably stems from their innate inability to relinquish their old grudges, disappointments, and heartbreaks . The official motto of the city should be changed to "Look back in anger!" Keep this in mind as you sit at the bar, wondering whether to strike up a conversation with that attractive person occupying the stool beside you. btw: any neighborhood described in the media or tourist-oriented literature as "vibrant" is a formerly low-rent locale currently being gentrified. The lifelong residents, sometimes representing the third, fourth, or fifth generation of their family to be born and raised in the neighborhood, are being (or have already been) forced out by an unholy alliance of developers, contractors, corporate-owned media, bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers, realtors, banks, and rich people escaping from the dreary suburbs where they raised their own kids….who have flown the parental nest and moved to a "vibrant" neighborhood in some other unfortunate city.

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