Travel Channel Alcatraz : haunted alcatraz part 4/4

Travel Channel Alcatraz Video

Travel Channel Alcatraz

haunted alcatraz part 4/4

haunted alcatraz part 4/4

about alcatraz and its ghosts

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  1. lol.

    i dont see any ghost but all i can picture in my head is a voice…

    a voice that says "Autobotss Trannssformmm and ROLL OUT!"

  2. ive been there about 15 times now and my best experiences have been in cell 41d i always have the same feeling of being alone and at some times it sadness and others its anger you can hear buttons hitting the floor from the bored prisioners

  3. @katarose4
    'sometimes the answer is that the person spend so much time in ,that its become home to him. Even though it might have been traumatic for the person when he was alive its the only place it knows as home and therefore stays as a spirit near familiar grounds. hope it made sense 🙂

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