Travel Channel Address : My First Paranormal Encounter.. (Ghost Adventures Travel Channel)

Travel Channel Address Video

Travel Channel Address

My First Paranormal Encounter.. (Ghost Adventures Travel Channel)

My First Paranormal Encounter.. (Ghost Adventures Travel Channel)

My First Paranormal Encounter.. (Ghost Adventures Travel Channel)

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  1. must be nice too be so rich that as a kid you can rent out an entire hotel for the purpose of ghost hunting! But the fact that you are inspired by those fakes! they are a joke in the industry!

  2. im the same way i beleve it when i see it kinda thing im open to paranormal stuff and invite it but yet i have not yet experianced anything of the sorts yet

  3. Great video as usual Casey. I hate the feeling of being in the dark and sensing someone or something looking down to you i’ve woken up in the middle of the night to that feeling.

  4. That’s one place i haven’t been to but the queen mary is off the hook spooky, and a place called the glenn tavern inn , is another place where we stayed in the room where a cowboy cut off head of woman, anyway the first time we stayed in that room something kept taking the covers off me and the second time my friend was recording doing evps, i fell asleep and was snoring and joe told me to stop snoring and you can here a voice clear as day telling him to shoot me 😂👻👻👻

  5. My first paranormal experience was while i was fucking my girlfriend at 3 AM and i heard some steps but i didnt care and i still started fucking my girlfriend

  6. I enjoy watching your videos at night. But yeah keep up the good job and I'm always waiting for the next new video.

  7. My 1st paranormal experience happened when I was 7 or 8….it happened at my great grandma’s house…I was playing in the upstairs bedroom and remember this house is in Iowa and really old and creepy…I looked out the window and I saw a ghost girl across the way by the barn…she was waving for me to come outside so I went outside and I decided to see what she wanted…I ended up following into the barn and I just got a bad vibe and feeling when I was in there I was with my second cousin who saw this ghost girl as well! It was so creepy and scary! I’ve had another paranormal experience when I was about 14…all my cousins and I decided to play with this old radio upstairs in this room that looked like a closet and we went in there and playing with it…& of course after the radio was playing music we heard some noises coming from the radio…we thought we heard the person say my cousins name…we also brought an ouija board (I never thought I’d play it at that age and i thought It was just a game) so we asked if there we spirits with us we got a yes! We also asked if the little girl ghost I saw when I was 7 or 8 died here and it said yes…it was really creepy and scary! My ghost encounters definitely makes me wanna do some investigating for sure! I’ve always believe in the paranormal…I also played with the ouija board I wanna say a month ago…around 4am and I got an spirit named Alice (she said she was an angel and she believed in God and she’s with my loved ones who passed away) she knew a lot about my life and experiences I’ve had and I played it safe…online it said if you put a sliver coin on the ouija board it will keep bad spirits away…I was shocked with the responses I got…& after playing with the ouija board my house is not haunted no ghostly activity here!!! Can’t wait to finally get out and do some investigations!!!

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