Travel Chair Since 1984 : Helinox Chair One Camp Chair Review

Travel Chair Since 1984 Video

Travel Chair Since 1984

Helinox Chair One Camp Chair Review

Helinox Chair One Camp Chair Review

Although a little more expensive than the cheap fold up chairs you will find at any local store. This chair is super light weight, and packs down to a very small size. Yet it is still capable of holding 320LBS! It is also very comfortable!

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  1. How tall are you? I'm 6'4 and I wonder if my legs would be comfortable in a chair so close to the ground?

  2. Supposedly it holds 320 lbs. Because the base of the legas are only about as big around as your finger the chair sinks into soft ground. Another reviewer bought 4 tennis balls at a dollar store , cut slits in them and put them on the feet. Pretty ingenious. It worked!

  3. i am not agianst gays but keep gays out of advertisements its one thing to accept it but i don't need it in my face 

  4. Good review~ I like the chair but the price is stiff… I need to buy so many things beside the chair… Thanks for the review~

  5. I dunno. My friend JRESHOW has sat on it, and I believe he is around 230lbs. I think his girlfriend may have even sat on him while on the chair for a minute or two, adding another 100pounds or so. It has held up well. I agree it doesn't look super strong, but it is made out of quality materials that are strong.

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