Travel By Train From Salt Lake City : Denver – Salt Lake City by Amtrak train

Travel By Train From Salt Lake City Video

Travel By Train From Salt Lake City

Denver – Salt Lake City by Amtrak train

Denver - Salt Lake City by Amtrak train

Train ride from Denver, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah on June 10th, 2016.

Rural Stride / Josh Kirsch/Media Right Productions
Sleepy Jake / Silent Partner
Hit my Soul / Silent Partner
Runaways / Silent Partner

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  1. Very cool video! I had taken a ride from LA to Denver via Greyhound previously (24 trip on the road basically lol) but may try this route to SLC next 🙂

  2. So denver to slc ut in sept 2018 i rode the handsome amtrak from salt lake ut to truckee nevada for five days atayed at donner lake in a cabin. Boy was that fun then got amtrak in truckee back to salt lake ut i live in ogden ut. My home town indeed

  3. 18 DAYS!!!!! I will be on this train!! All the way from Chicago to Emeryville California. $1300 dollars round trip and worth it.

  4. I actually take this amtrak almost 2 times a month or more, it's a good price if it's just me going, i like to visit my uncle in denver. i live in salt lake city. I do this because it's just as expensive or cheaper than driving my car to denver and i don't have to worry about anything just sit down and rest easy. the staff are all friendly too.

  5. At 4:19 it looks just like the place where my train got stranded by a landslide! We had to wait 3 hours before the track crews could come dig the tracks out. I was riding the other direction though.

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