Travel By Jen Reviews : My FIRST GROUPON Travel Experience

Travel By Jen Reviews Video

Travel By Jen Reviews

My FIRST GROUPON Travel Experience

My FIRST GROUPON Travel Experience

◇Hi friends! Welcome to today’s video! In this video I talk about my FIRST Groupon Travel Experience!

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  1. Suppose I book a trip to Jamaica. And I am from Jamaica. Do I have the option to rent a vehicle and leave the hotel and look for friends and family and come back. Do I have to get a tour guide? Or I can choose not to

  2. Hey! Great video! I just have a question regarding extra fees. So many groupons say you pay airline taxes and fees in addition to the groupon… about how much was that and were there a lot of extra hidden fees?

  3. We ❤ Groupon! We're thinking of traveling to Costa Rica soon. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. Very helpful ! However, I really need your help. For example, an all inclusive trip to Italy for two cost say $899. I am traveling solo. Will I be paying $449.50? Also, I read the fine print and it says solo travelers will pay an additional $250. Will my total be $699.50 (449.50+250) or will it be $1149 (899+250)? Please help! I’m struggling to figure this out.

  5. Omg I literally have so many questions 😭 For starters, what happens when you pay for it?? Do you get some sort of email telling you where to go and what day? I just feel like it's so vague and the information provided isn't definite information if that makes sense. I wanted to buy one and it said "any day ranging from…" and it showed a few dates but I didn't know which actual days? If I were to buy it would they email me and tell me when?

  6. Thanks for sharing. I have been using Groupon locally but I was considering using it for travel as well.

  7. Im looking into a groupon trip its by Travel by Jen Im wondering if anyone in comment land has used this company or if you knew anyone that has. Thanks for the info!

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