Travel Beyond Limits Seattle : Awakening: Travel Beyond Space and Time (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

Travel Beyond Limits Seattle Video

Travel Beyond Limits Seattle

Awakening: Travel Beyond Space and Time (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

Awakening: Travel Beyond Space and Time (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

CJ Liu interviews Dr. Joe Dispenza about his book “Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon”. How can we transcend Newtonian laws of Physics? Dr. Joe transcend shares his experience of traveling space and time.

1:33 What is the mystical experience and what is the road map to get there?
2:40 Dr. Joe shares his own experience of traveling space and time.
12:32 Is time really linear? How does this conditioning limit us?
15:10 How can you explain profound mystical experiences through the lens of science?
24:09 Where is the pineal gland? How does pineal gland work during a mystical experience?
28:48 Where are we going when we have a mystical experience?
36:24 How does Dr. Joe train others to have these profound experience?
38:19 How has Dr. Joe’s life change as a result of having these experiences himself?
42:44 What has happened with Dr. Joe’s students in advanced workshops?

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  1. Wow thought my mind had already been blown by Dr. Dispenza. This just took it to another level. Thanks

  2. There's always the moment when someone's message has such an impact on the listeners, present in the virtual world and expressing their praise, that thinking of projecting the message out there, as the only way, is close at hand. There's nothing new under the sun, only a different way of saying what's inherently present in us all of the time.

    The humor in circles of people who long for understanding and solutions is that when they've lost touch with thinking for themselves, they easily choose to follow other people's thinking. They follow the more or less beaten track that many who think out loud have chosen before them, only to reach a closed gate at the end. For without embodiment what one hears and perceives as teaching, devoured like a ready-made meal so to speak, the message has no value, it can't become a living truth in that person's life.

    Those of us who are loyal to thinking for ourselves, don't look for that ability in others. Although the message of others can be perceived as inspirational and encouraging, nevertheless. After all, freedom of expression is a beauty in our world, isn't it? That freedom is mainly uncharted territory to many in our world today. For it requires integrity, being oneself.

  3. WoW WoW WoW! I am so right there with Dr Joe’s theories and believe his experiences with all my heart ♥️
    I did a workshop with Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1998 which is all about shifting through higher dimensions of consciousness and knowing who we are going through the sacred space of the heart. So I can digest Joe’s language and I would love to do one of his workshops. Love you heaps Dr Joe. Now I am more clear why. 😘😘😘❤️

  4. Again, amazing and thank you. I am 80 and know that I know that I know, no matter how old, young you are, one can change. I am following all Dr, Joe is teaching and will be that younger self.

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