Travel Beyond Australia : Roadtrippin' Through Victoria and Beyond — Victoria, Australia | The Travel Intern

Travel Beyond Australia Video

Travel Beyond Australia

Roadtrippin' Through Victoria and Beyond — Victoria, Australia | The Travel Intern

Roadtrippin' Through Victoria and Beyond — Victoria, Australia | The Travel Intern

Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes during our travels? Follow us on our recent road trip adventure around Victoria where we explored Melbourne, The Great Ocean Road, Grampians and The Otways where we saw some of Australia’s greatest wonders!

Here’s our itinerary:

00:45 – Eureka Skydeck
Eureka Skydeck offers the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere and a magnificent 360° view of the city. We managed to catch the sunset here! *heart eyes*

01:24 – Yarra Farm Fresh
Get all your local fresh produce here!

01:40 – Yarra Farm Fresh
If you’re here, you definitely have to try their strawberries. Ripe & Sweet, alright. 😉

01:44 – Yarra Valley Dairy
We recommend a stop here for some cheese tasting.

02:15 – Yarra Valley Chocolaterie
Taste a wide variety of chocolate and a generous serving of gelato at the gelato shop.

02:19 – Brighton Beach
The super iconic and classic Brighton Beach boxes offer tonnnnnnnes of photo opportunities all around!

02:44 – Flying the drone
Be sure to download the app, ‘Can I Fly There?’ before you start any flight in Australia! Super handy, super useful, lets you know which are the restricted zones and what to look out for before your flight. *ALWAYS PRACTISE SAFETY*

03:13 – Woolamai Beach
Visit this beach when you’re in Phillip Island and catch some waves if you’re up for some surfing during the summer!

03:43 – Melbourne AU Food Challenge @ Woolworths
Akif was challenged to whip up a full meal with only AU.
Pro-Tip: There are crazy slashes in prices towards the evening/night in Woolworths, you can even get a full roasted chicken for AU.80! Sometimes you can get a pack of eight sausages for AU.90!

*Typo: Broccoli

04:49 – A-Frame Halls Gap
Our accommodation during our stay in Grampians! If you love camping out in the woods, you’ll definitely love this place.

05:14 – Mackenzie Falls
One of the largest falls in Victoria, Mackenzie Falls flows all year round down a steep cliff.

05:18 – The Balconies
The Balconies is also known as Jaws of Death because the structure resembles the jaws of a T-rex. Pretty cool!

05:32 – Reeds Lookout
The sunset here are to die for! Be sure to catch one if you’re around the area.

05:41 – Grand Canyon
Who says there can only be one Grand Canyon? Here in Australia, there is more than one Grand Canyon!

05:47 – The Pinnacle
We highly recommend this lookout point, and also recommend taking a hike up via the Grand Canyon!

06:16 – 12 Apostles
Possibly the most iconic attraction of the Great Ocean Road, the 12 Apostles are made up of rock stacks created by the erosion of limestone cliffs from the mainland.

06:39 – Carpool Karaoke, TTI-style
It’s always fun to go crazy jamming during a road trip 😉

07:00 – Otway Fly Treetop Adventures
We really wanted to experience their 2.5 hour tour zipping through the leafy treetops of Otway. But due to crazy wind speeds, it was a no go.

07:56 – California Redwoods
With Sequoia trees towering over you, this place is definitely a sight to behold. Super magical.


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  1. Just stumbled upon your vlog! You're in my neck of the woods. So good to experience how others see my backyard. Looking forward to your next adventures and will be doing a marathon of your videos!

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