Travel Between Seattle And Vancouver : The Train from Vancouver to Seattle Explained

Travel Between Seattle And Vancouver Video

Travel Between Seattle And Vancouver

The Train from Vancouver to Seattle Explained

The Train from Vancouver to Seattle Explained

Want to Take the Amtrak train from Vancouver to Seattle or Seattle to Vancouver? Well this video answers your questions about the 4.5 hour train journey. From border check, to luggage, to what to grab in the restaurant car. How do I go from Vancouver to Seattle?
Filmed in Vancouver, Seattle and in between
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The Don’ts of Vancouver

5 Love & Hates of Seattle

5 Eats of Seattle

5 Eats of Vancouver

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  1. If Vancouver and Seattle were cities in China, the high speed trains would have been completed in less than a year. Unfortunately, since BC is involved, there'll be endless studies and probably another 10 years before any construction would actually start.

  2. I live in Alberta and I didn't know this train existed. I will have to check this out, when my husband and I decide to go to the US!!

  3. Is it like the airport, do you clear customs at the pacific station and arrive in Seattle as a domestic?

  4. I love North America, but everybody seems so obsessed with their own cars. I'm half Swiss and it's the opposite there. Train infrastructure is perfect and people like to travel and commute by trains as it is very convenient and affordable. The Swiss Federal Railway company invests And travelling to France, Italy, Germany & Austria is much faster (of course the European borders are more open). There is even a train from Zurich to Budapest, Hungary with a few stops in Eastern Switzerland and Austria costing only 43 US$ or 56 CA$. And you'll be there in about 10 to 11 hours.

  5. This white pumpkin looks like piece of shit. How can someone has so big head snd being bald means extra chance of getting cancer due to more exposed area to UV-B.

  6. Took the same route from Van to Seattle last year as well. We considered driving ourselves but the Amtrak was a far better option. You can walk around to stretch your legs or go grab a snack in the cafe cart. Definitely the way to go with a large family and lots of luggage. Fare wasn't too bad as well, about $45 USD.

  7. It would be a good video if you didn't use a Gopro. Those things are terrible because they always end up with faces that are too close and too big on my monitor. Can't you turn the camera around so we don't have to see you? Show the train. Show anything but not a continual oversized shot of your face.

  8. You need a better train service over there. I live in newcastle uk 300 miles from london and we have a train every half hour taking three hours.

  9. I Think it should be made just as easy to cross a international border as a state border. Why don't they have every person scan their face and luggage with sophisticated machines then there is no stop. And people should get chip on I.D. so they can just scan it at terminals (planes and trains) and border points (vehicles)

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