Travel Between London And Paris : EUROSTAR, Standard Premier, LONDON TO PARIS at 186mph!

Travel Between London And Paris Video

Travel Between London And Paris

EUROSTAR, Standard Premier, LONDON TO PARIS at 186mph!

EUROSTAR, Standard Premier, LONDON TO PARIS at 186mph!

WATCH: AZUMA: Britain’s NEW high speed train:

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Now, a lot of my subscribers told me they really wanted to see a video on Eurostar. So that’s exactly what I went and made.

I hadn’t actually been on Eurostar since around 2012, so this was a welcome return. As a kid I remember quite vividly the opening of the Channel Tunnel and the start of Eurostar service. It seemed glamorous in a way that perhaps has faded a bit, as we’ve become used to being able to easily access Europe by train.

Our journey takes us, on a classic Class 373 train, east from St Pancras and straight down into Kent on High Speed 1, Britain’s first proper dedicated high speed railway. We stop briefly at Ebbsfleet International before continuing in a straight line directly towards the tunnel at Folkestone, blasting through Ashford International without stopping. After 31 miles of tunnel we pop out near Sangatte and Calais-Fréthun, and head, via Lille, to Paris.

Sadly, the weather was rather grey in both Britain and France for this video! But you can’t have it all.

Eurostar trains have 18 carriages with three classes of travel. 10 carriages are Standard Class, 5 are Standard Premier (what you might call a hybrid between Standard and First Class), and there’s one Business Premier carriage, where hot meals are served, and customers get flexibility and lounge access. Business Premier is really directed at the corporate traveller, and Standard Premier is probably as much as you’ll need for a good trip.

The surroundings are comfortable and the ride smooth despite the age of the train. My only complaint – a weak meal service. The portion sizes are very small and the quality hit and miss. My fruit salad was not fresh, which is very disappointing. This isn’t hard to get right when you’re loading food in the middle of London.

Anyways, sit back and watch the journey, and let me and the train take the strain… 👌🏻👌🏻

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Enjoy the report.


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  1. Here’s that long awaited Eurostar report!

    Common questions: the app is Speedometer 55 Start. GPS Box. by Stanislav Dvoychenko

    This trip cost around £100 one way.

    This is the first video of a number of trips I made last week – I crammed in creating 7 videos in four days for your viewing pleasure… enjoy, and don’t forget to like, comment and SUBSCRIBE! 👌🏻👌🏻

    PS: wasn’t Claude, the train manager’s French accent “incroyable, fantastique”, n’est pas?

  2. Hi, my wife and me love to travle dispite both of us being registered blind. Your vlogs are very good, but we dont always have someone tobread the subtitles you put up, it would be lovelyif instead you could give a comentery. We sometimes dont get rar through your vlogs as it is just bacground noise. Please dispence with the writen descripsions and tell pple what is happenint. Thanks.

  3. That's a Finnish nightmare to travel face to face with some stranger. I am glad in our trains has a different layout of seats.

  4. Let's face it, modern day train facilities can't compete with the grand old architecture of the past. This train station is fabulous.

  5. i like the older trains because when thay go past it sounds beter than the E320 but the E320 is good inside with more space

  6. Its a true Continental Breakfast, not a fry up!!! Had Standard Premier Lunch in April on the same route it was exceptional!!!!

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