Travel Before Law School : LAW SCHOOL VLOG #12 | Criminal Law, Coffee Dates & 10K Subs?!

Travel Before Law School Video

Travel Before Law School

LAW SCHOOL VLOG #12 | Criminal Law, Coffee Dates & 10K Subs?!

LAW SCHOOL VLOG #12 | Criminal Law, Coffee Dates & 10K Subs?!

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Hi guys! First of all, I want to thank you for your endless love & support. I hit the 10.000 subscribers this week and I still can’t believe it. And yes, I’m already coming pretty close to the 12.000 subscribers, this thing is going fast af, haha! Anyways, I hope y[p ou liked this new law school vlog. If you did, don’t forget to like & subscribe!

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  1. my most watched channel recently…. i've been following for a while but now i'm catching up with all the older videos and i love them… keeps me inspired for not only school but my business as well.. love it! keep it up lily 🙂

  2. can you do a video of how you clean your house, like how you organise to do that if you have your day complete? 💖

  3. How are you able to afford all these materialistic items? Like, you're in UNI :') Assuming some money from youtube and generous parents? 🙂

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