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Backpacking Around New Zealand

Backpacking Around New Zealand

A month traveling around New Zealand’s south and north islands – I was sent on a GoPro shoot for a 5 day kayak trip and I decided to stay 2 weeks longer to meet up with friends and roadtrip around the country.

Edited by Carlos Costa @carloscostan

100% shot on GoPro Hero5 and Hero4 cameras with the Karma Grip

Thanks to Abel Tasman Kayaks and Rotorua Rafting for taking us out for some fun!

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  1. Ive been to New Zealand for twice n i really2 loveeeeee NZ. I hope that i can go back to NZ 😊 There is something about NZ that make me fell in love

  2. i like to think about the fact that while you were having a great time not that much away from where i was, i was probably taking a maths test

  3. bro im in another country and im feeling super homesick right now and this makes me wanna go back home 100 times

  4. Meh, plain to see that NZ is massively over-hyped. Nice place, but the trail of hipsters clamoring to go there tells the story. QLD has better climate and more natural beauty.

  5. Love this video😍
    Been homesick for awhile now😔 I’m from New Zealand and currently living in India for almost a year now….
    Watching this video makes
    me feel like I’m home😍

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