Travel Backpack Yoga Mat : Minimalist Backpacking | 10 liters for 5 months+ || Ep. 2

Travel Backpack Yoga Mat Video

Travel Backpack Yoga Mat

Minimalist Backpacking | 10 liters for 5 months+ || Ep. 2

Minimalist Backpacking | 10 liters for 5 months+ || Ep. 2

I’m finally showing you what I’m having with me in my small backpack, traveling the world as a minimalist!

Hope you enjoy watching,
Much love!

» Ep. 1 :
» Minimalist Toiletries:

Things I’m mentioning:

☯ Deuter 10 L backpack:
☯ Tom Bihn Synapse 19L:
☯ Xero Shoes:
☯ Eagle Creek Packing Cubes:
☯ Yoga mat & Yoga mat bag from Lululemon

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» Minimalist Wardrobe:
» Travel Must Have Items:
» 10 Travel Hacks:

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Camera: Canon G7X
Editing: iMovie

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  1. It's finally here, as I promised you guys, Episode 2 of my 'Minimalist Backpacking' series! And this time I'm showing you what I'm taking with me traveling for the next months!
    Sorry for keep you waiting but I hope you enjoy watching, thanks for tuning in!
    Much love to y'all! 🙏

  2. Elli for you to be able to manage 5 month on a 10 liters backpack you must be magical , enjoy your vacation you and your boyfriend and all the best to you and your boyfriend

  3. no mosquito net? i like to take my sleeping bag too, where ever i go.. running shoes r for hiking so i 'travel' in flip flops. i dont take medicines or deo… or lap top, or wallet (cant lose a wallet if i don't have a wallet)… toiletry bag is just a carry a bag from the supermarket..

  4. I meant Passports and money, etc. Cameras,etc, can be easily bought again and you can live without them for a short while.

  5. Rule number one when travelling, NEVER keep your valuables in your rucksack/backpack. Always keep them on you. Simple rule, but very essential.

  6. How can we rent that place in changmai thailand for 100 a month? Could you send me the name please? Thank you God Bless you!

  7. been travelling like this for years , couldend do it any other way freedom less worries and yup yup less is more 😉 keep travelling girl

  8. I would like to see a video for how to care for your hair.. what products you use and what you do to it.
    love your video of backpacking it inspired me I'll be going to Mexico soon and I really want to pack minimal!! (:

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