Travel Backpack With Locks : TRAVEL TIPS: How to Protect Your Backpack While Traveling

Travel Backpack With Locks Video

Travel Backpack With Locks

TRAVEL TIPS: How to Protect Your Backpack While Traveling

TRAVEL TIPS: How to Protect Your Backpack While Traveling

Protect your backpack using this: – Watch this video to find out how you can protect your backpack from the evil conveyor belts when you travel!

Get your REI Pack Duffel here:

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  1. i am interested in the bag you show in min 1:07 because it seems to be the one you can store in the smallest bag. It would be for transporting our backpacks 60l & 70l for safer airline travelling. It is not in stock anymore with REI. Where could i find it ( or similar) I am in Europe.

  2. Thank you bro . This is what I need to secure my items on my 65L backpack when flying so at least is more peace of mind that is not going to be that easy for them to just open your pockets and take whatever they want . I'm putting a lock too

  3. Great advice! I was worried at first that you were going to encourage people to buy a particular pack… Then, I realise it's more of a security cover. 😉

  4. For any Aus/Nz people, the BlackWolf Cuba 60 comes designed with a zippered cover to seal in and protect all your harness straps.

  5. hi i just got a really nice looking quechua 70L ! this will be my first time backpacking in europe . do you think its too large to be roaming around with for 20 days ? considering i am 5 feet 6inches tall !

  6. Hii! I just have a doubt that will my 70L backpack fit in the Large size (84L) of this duffle bag without any problem, and will airlines allow me to carry such a big one? What else I can do to protect my backpack from thieves while travelling by air because I can't figure out how to lock it because it can be accessed from top very easily? Any help will be much appreciated. 🙂

  7. My 15 year old boy is flying for the first time next month. He's going with some friends (with adults) to CO and NM and taking his Aether 70 L with tent strapped to the bottom and poles too. Looking at this one, Ospry and the Sea to Summit. He likes the idea of the Sea to Summit where you can use the backpack straps when walking thru the airport as opposed to the others. Your thoughts? Unfortunately we will have to order and can't see them in person. Thanks.

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