Travel Backpack Vs Rolling Luggage : Packing Skills: Backpack vs. Rolling Bag

Travel Backpack Vs Rolling Luggage Video

Travel Backpack Vs Rolling Luggage

Packing Skills: Backpack vs. Rolling Bag

Packing Skills: Backpack vs. Rolling Bag

More Packing Light: In this travel class on packing light, Rick Steves tour guide Sarah Murdoch gives you a tour of her carry-on-the-plane-sized luggage (with everything she needs for several weeks in Europe), and outlines the pros and cons of backpacks vs. rolling bags.

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  1. I have moved to a back pack for certain trips especially international bc :

    Wheels on bags get stuck or it’s hard to push on airport carpeted flooring especially when you have to go a long distance. If I take a rolling bag it’s not a spinner but a roll a board. And w/ some international connections you have to switch airlines. So I avoid the fees

  2. exactly what i suspected – and we are landing in Venice no less! only there for 1.5 days, but I don't think I want to bring my oversized roller.

  3. So ur not going for vacation to enjoy but to race to see all in day or two.. Hehehe now think u in NY & wanna see all in a day. Nobody talks about but u do not cut on packing but on things to visit & see.. Believe me start from that

  4. Leaving for Paris tomorrow. Nine days in the city of lights at an Airbnb. I have my small, expandable backpack at 8 pounds. Room for some purchases!

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