Travel Backpack Trolley : Packing | Suitcase vs. Pack

Travel Backpack Trolley Video

Travel Backpack Trolley

Packing | Suitcase vs. Pack

Packing | Suitcase vs. Pack

How I pack for travel has evolved over the years. How do I choose between using my pack and suitcase, and how do I pack my things in each?

What I’m Packing For Sri Lanka (2018):
What I’m Packing For Bali (2017):
What’s In My Pack | Asia (2015):

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  1. So you STILL haven’t made a single video for women who can’t go off hormonal birth control for reasons such as severe endometriosis. Considering how many women this affects that’s just ignorant. I paid for your class and asked you these questions then to NO AVAIL. Have you considered being more inclusive? Doing some research?

  2. Girl we are packing twins!! My boyfriend makes fun of me so much because I have pouches and bags and pouches and bags hahah

  3. Do you always have a travel size version of the liquids you use on a regular, that you bring around exclusively for traveling? I find it stressful to buy external security-friendly bottles and fill my normal products up with those, I feel like I'm wasting product if I don't end up using it all and it gets kind of greasy.

  4. I loved this video, it is very helpfull and pratical! And sure i would like to see another video about more tips about it 😉

  5. This is awesome!! I have a carry on suitcase that works…never had the need for a pack. My question for the packing Q & A is: What hygiene items do you use? Do you pack your own shampoo/soap/etc or do you use the samples that are usually provided at place where you are staying?

  6. Do you pack anything that helps reduce waste while traveling? I'm beginning to think through that kind of thing. 🙂 also do you pack any vegan food/snacks for travel? TFS

  7. I love packing toooo. I really gotta get some cubes. My favorite thing I have is a clear 1 L toiletries bag from target. It’s structured so it’s like a regular toiletries case but it works for the TSA stuff

  8. I love bags as well. Packing cubes were a live savior in Thailand, as we were travelling with our backpacks and it made the whole process of packing and unpacking so much easier. Although I probably would use them in a ticking trip or something like El Camino de Santiago, were every single gram counts.

  9. My husband and I have special suitcases that we use for airplane travel. Got them as a wedding gift and they're really versatile. They zip together, one part counts as carry-on, the other counts as a personal item, there are straps everywhere to carry them like backpacks as well, etc. We always pack light so we don't have to check bags. But now I'm considering taking our hiking packs on our next long trip since we'll be traveling by train and doing a ton of walking without access to a rental car!

  10. I enjoy packing too! I actually packed earlier today for a ten day trip back to my hometown after watching another one of your packing videos! I am packing for a family of four into one suitcase. Each person gets there own packing cube! We'll see how it goes!

  11. I love packing too. Though since becoming a minimalist it’s not as long of a process or very challenging and there’s not much fun in that. lol 🙈

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