Travel Backpack Townsville : Flying from Australia to Vietnam (travel and relationships)

Travel Backpack Townsville Video

Travel Backpack Townsville

Flying from Australia to Vietnam (travel and relationships)

Flying from Australia to Vietnam (travel and relationships)

We couldn’t leave Australia without visiting our favorite Australian! Today we flew from Townsville to Brisbane, Australia for a few days before leaving this beautiful country. Then we flew overnight from Brisbane to Singapore, then back to Da Nang, Vietnam again where we’ll continue our journey in the next video. 🙂

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If you were curious… The name of the place we stayed by the airport is the “Da Nang Boutique Hotel.” Like we said, it was giant, nice, with great food and drinks, however there was only one small AC unit in that big room, so it was quite warm unfortunately!

Travel vlog 640 | Brisbane, Australia | Country #91/100 | Filmed June 2019

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  1. When you're done with every country, are you going to visit the states you have not been to yet? That could be a great new experience, especially for the states that don't get visited very often.

  2. You could've gone to anywhere in Australia and you picked Townsville and Brisbane. What the fuck is wrong with you

  3. I flew home from Brissy, a few days ago! Be happy that I didn't run into you! I would have screamed like a schoolkid…a 6'5" schoolkid….it wouldn't have been pretty, lol!

  4. Do you guys know how many different airlines you’ve been on? And if so, take it 1 more step and ask how many times on each of those airlines? Example: American 112, Qantas 14 etc.

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