Travel Backpack Tote : 8 Best Tote Bags of 2018 #Totes

Travel Backpack Tote Video

Travel Backpack Tote

8 Best Tote Bags of 2018 #Totes

8 Best Tote Bags of 2018 #Totes

Shoutout to for helping me get my hands on some of these bags!

0:49 Peak Designs Everyday Tote:

1:33 Crafted Goods Mr. Groove:

7:10 Side By Side dongle pouch: USE CODE CHASE10 for 10% off!

8:34 Tokyo Tote from Bellroy

14:14 Day Tote from Qwstion

18:50 Split Shift from YNOT

24:26 Denizen from FlowFold:

28:33 “326 Commuter Tote” from BillyKirk


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  1. I needed to find a Tote for my wonderful lady, first thing I searched was "Chase Reeves Tote" on the Googles. Thanks Chase !

  2. Hey, about the Split Shift bags handles at 22 minutes in, it looks like they made it that way so you can carry it on your shoulder, perhaps you have tried it and the handle isn't long enough, but yeh looks like that's what it could be designed for.
    not really into Totes but love your videos =)

  3. Any thoughts on the Fjallraven Totepack? I'm obsessed with tote convertible backpacks, and love the simple clean lines, and clever strap system, but can't tell about the quality. There isn't much organization or pockets, just the one inside and a key lanyard, but they look so damn good. Especially in that deep red or purple.

  4. Hey Chase, on the Mr.Groove, I realized there's mesh on the backside. That always make it warm for me to carry, especially since I use it in warmer weather. Is it warm for you too?

  5. Oooh, I LOVE the Crafted Goods and QWSTION bags – could definitely see myself using those on a daily basis!

  6. Dude, i did not expect to watch 35 mins of bags when I came here, but shit your are hilarious. lol That fuckin book, everytime hahah

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