Travel Backpack Topo Designs : Topo Designs Travel Bag Review | 40L Backpack For Carry On Travel

Travel Backpack Topo Designs Video

Travel Backpack Topo Designs

Topo Designs Travel Bag Review | 40L Backpack For Carry On Travel

Topo Designs Travel Bag Review | 40L Backpack For Carry On Travel

The Topo Designs Travel Bag offers some great organization in a classic heritage style, although we think the harness system is less than optimal. View Details & Buy:

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0:33 – Material & Aesthetic
2:56 – External Components
6:46 – Inside the Pack
11:22 – Durability & Testing
12:07 – Pros & Cons
12:41 – The Verdict

In this review, we’re taking a look at the Topo Designs travel bag. This is a 30 or 40-liter backpack—depending on which size you choose, we’ve got the 40-liter variant—and it’s got a lot of unique stuff going on. As a brand, Topo Designs has a pretty solid track record of creating backpacks and other gear that has a vintage, heritage-style look. The kicker is that, although their stuff has an old school look and feel, it’s all generally decked out with top-notch materials and awesome features.

At the time of this review, we’ve been testing the Topo Designs travel bag for two weeks, mostly as a daily driver on the way to and from coworking spaces and coffee shops. And of course, it’s always loaded up with a ton of gear.

The Topo Designs Travel Bag offers some great organization, thoughtful design features, and a pointed heritage aesthetic. If you can get past the laptop compartment not being an ideal size and you have no problem with the less-than-optimal harness system, there are a ton of pros and unique features on this pack. We love the compartmentalization and organization, as well as the excellent zippers. All in all, we think this bag could serve your one bag travel needs very well.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Topo Designs Travel Bag, a 40L backpack that’s great for carry on travel

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  1. I'm a fan of duffle carry for travel simply because it's easier for me to set it down and pick it back up if I stop at a restaurant in the airport or train station and it can be easier to stuff under a seat and retrieve stuff from in certain cases. Also sometimes they are better for packing clothes I've found it's easier to stuff a duffle than most backpacks. Although usually I'll put a day bag in my duffle if I decide to carry one.

  2. I think it would be cool to have two review scores for products. One that takes the cons into account and one that excludes the cons if said cons aren't too important for the user. Great review and this backpack looks very well designed!

  3. Question to anyone: have you ever actually stowed the harness with a system like this? And when? Seems like a fairly common feature but I can't imagine myself taking the effort.

  4. hello pack hacker. i love the look of this bag (i have the 30L in ballistic black). I want the 40L version but you say it's not comfortable to carry? Do you think putting in a frame sheet (one from ebay or another back pack company) would be a thing to make it more comfortable or would this be a tacky solution? it seems like there is space in either A. the laptop sleeve or B. the sleeve where the straps would go if you were to pack them away. thanks for all the great reviews!

  5. We would love if you could test out Standard Luggage Co Carry-on Backpack (35-45L) and compare it with the Topo Designs Travel Bag. Similar characteristics, appearance and size/capacity (black).

  6. I honestly don't get the instagran polls, what's wrong with your instagran audiences tastes? Lol this bag not only looks sick, but also looks quite minimal on your back.

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