Travel Backpack That Locks : Travel Safety – 3 Types of Locks Every Traveler Needs

Travel Backpack That Locks Video

Travel Backpack That Locks

Travel Safety – 3 Types of Locks Every Traveler Needs

Travel Safety - 3 Types of Locks Every Traveler Needs

3 types of locks that you MUST have while traveling, especially if you are a backpacker. I tell you what they are and how to use each type to properly secure your stuff. These locks will allow you to secure your stuff in any hostel or hotel without having to worry about someone breaking into your bags or stealing them.

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  1. Would these locks help in keeping the police from noticing something like a shoebox full of cocaine being smuggled into Europe ?

  2. All good advice MadMan. My only comment would be to invest in a bigger lock for your locker. The lock you show can be broken easily with two wrenches. Search YouTube for "breaking lock with two wrenches". Guests at our hostel ask why we don't loan out locks and keys. It's because we want the lock's key to have always been in the possession of it's owner. Keys can be copied. For this reason, travelers should bring their own lock.

  3. Those locks are so small.. They could get through that in no time. Buy renters insurance. It covers your things when you travel globally. I'm going to do a video on that soon.

  4. Yes I have a big question! Traveling from London, Paris, Amsterdam to Copenhagen all on different trains. Am worried about storing my suitcase out of my sight. Some people suggested a chain or cable lock while others thought it unnecessary. Any recommendations?

  5. Thank you. Another tip: Keep the combination and/or keys to your locks in your money belt. Bring more than one money belt so that you can wash/dry one and wear the other one.

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