Travel Backpack Stores Near Me : How to Pick the Right Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack Stores Near Me Video

Travel Backpack Stores Near Me

How to Pick the Right Travel Backpack

How to Pick the Right Travel Backpack

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This is one of the most requested videos ever! How to Choose the Right Travel Backpack for you is very important when preparing for your travels. Whether you’re travelling for a week or a year, you can use the same backpack as long as it’s the right one for your body and has all of the features you’re wanting in a travel backpack. In this video, Siya and I take you to SAIL, which is an outdoor adventure store where shop at before any big trip. We have been using the same travel backpack for the past 10 years, and wanted to get an upgrade. Our old backpacks did us well, but were missing several features that are important to us. We take you through the entire process of choosing the right travel backpack for YOU and the things to look out for when choosing that backpack that will become your mobile apartment and ultimate travel companion.

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A special thanks to SAIL for sponsoring this video.

Check out the SAIL locations:

The backpacks we chose:

☆ Kristen – Gregory Cairn 58 litre –
☆ Siya – Osprey Aether 60 litre


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A big thanks to SAIL for sponsoring this video. We have been shopping at SAIL for years for our travel gear and are happy to partner with a company we love so much. All thoughts, opinions and reviews are our own.

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  1. Good luck with that warrenty. You'll send it in and itll spend weeks to months and then you'll get an email saying the defect was your fault and theyll return yourbbag. With a gift card for 5 dollars.

  2. I need a backpack that I can carry inside the plane. i heard is 45 L Max. because it can not fit inside Scanner. I dont like waiting for baggage in airport. for me a waste of time.

  3. Habe auch sehr lange gebraucht einen richtigen zu finden. Dann wurde es dieser hier ich bereue es nicht und bin schon seit einem Jahr in Canada mit ihm. Er hat mich noch nicht im stich gelassen, er hat viel Stauraum und schienen die den rücken stärken. Also ich kann ihn nur empfehlen. 🙂

  4. why does everyone start their youtube videos with these dumb songs? In fact I think it might be the same song.

  5. I wish i had this kind of support in my local store… Good job, I'd love to buy from you! Greetings from Germany.

  6. Im always worried about using name brands backpack / suitcase, I think it will attract thiefs. Never put your Passport & cash / credit card inside backpack . I prefer to put it inside my money belt under my shirts

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