Travel Backpack Ryanair : Backpacker's Guide to RYANAIR

Travel Backpack Ryanair Video

Travel Backpack Ryanair

Backpacker's Guide to RYANAIR

Backpacker's Guide to RYANAIR

RYANAIR is notoriously cheap yet difficult to deal with, especially if you’re a backpacker travelling RTW or long term. Got your whole life in one lumpy bag but still want mobility. Here’s how we deal.
Luke & Elizabeth are backpacking Europe on /day, couchsurfing, wwoofing and volunteering for full immersion and affordability.
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  1. I refuse to use this joke of an airline for two reasons..1) their pilots regularly go on strike, sometimes at very short notice, which obviously affects the plans of thousands of people, I'm not risking missing an event for anyone..and 2) they treat their staff like shit, I know this for a fact. They may be incredibly cheap but I'd rather pay ten times the amount and fly with a much more trustworthy airline.

  2. I’m dying to know how to got a flight for cheaper than 200 ? Can you do an updated version of this explaining how you got so lucky as to get such a. Cheap flight?!

  3. i have a question about check in because i've never traveled with airplane before and my first flight is next week with ryanair…..the paper that you print about check in….where do i have to go and what to do with this paper for example i have to go on someone and scan the bar code of check in??……help me plzzz

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