Travel Backpack Personal Item : The Perfect "Personal Item" Backpack

Travel Backpack Personal Item Video

Travel Backpack Personal Item

The Perfect "Personal Item" Backpack

The Perfect "Personal Item" Backpack

Whereas most underseat luggage wastes space with wheels and extending handles and arbitrary partitions, the AmazonBasics DSLR & Laptop backpack gives you a space-maximizing portable locker perfectly fitted for any airline underseat.


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Strapbook –
White Plastic Grid Storage Container Thingy (according to my measurements, you could fit TWO of these in the laptop pocket)

List of Airline underseat dimensions –

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  1. Is this to be used as a carry on? My issue at the moment is that I packed a very small duffle bag for ALL my stuff but when I add my camera gear (dslr body&3 small fixed lenses) it makes the weight over 40 lbs. Im trying to figure out if I can also bring. My entire outrigger45 (say a ruggard on a thingy on the front side tho) camera bag (but then it might also exceed the weight limit uuughh!) Which is measured at 9inch wide,16inch tall and 12-14inches wide. Ideally I'd love to bring my entire camera bag in addition to my little duffle carry on. But…. The weight… Uughh. I have to way to weight each bag so I might have to go to s pharmacy scale at a store. The bathroom scale doesn't work with these bulky soft bags sitting on it. Also I would love to bring my tripod too whixh my camera bag does have straps for. But doesn't the airlines not allow anything with metal or anything like a tripod. I haven't flown in about 25 yrs so Im new to all this as an adult flying again. Hmmm with all the little tags and mine looking like a camera bag Im better off using a smaller camera bag. That's more a purse size. Would be nice to have all my gear but i can make sue with just a couple lenses. Its only a two week stay .

  2. If your backpack is bigger then the size limits but not packed full and like… folds? to the proper size will they still let you take it as a personal item?

  3. Think Tank Airport Essentials backpack is slightly smaller than the Amazon Basics pack you reviewed and made specifically for camera gear. But way more expensive at $199. I have both, but prefer the Think Tank for my camera gear. Thanks for your review.

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