Travel Backpack Osprey : Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack Review – 1 Year Test | Popular Travel Pack | Women’s & Men’s Perspective

Travel Backpack Osprey Video

Travel Backpack Osprey

Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack Review – 1 Year Test | Popular Travel Pack | Women’s & Men’s Perspective

Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack Review - 1 Year Test | Popular Travel Pack | Women’s & Men’s Perspective

The Osprey Farpoint is a backpack built to travel. A good choice for the digital nomad and a trusted companion on an extended journey around the world. View Details & Buy:

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1:48 – Material & Aesthetic
3:51 – External Components
6:37 – Inside the Pack
9:20 – Durability & Testing
10:18 – Rebecca’s Perspective
11:20 – Pros & Cons

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If you’ve ever searched the internet for ‘best travel backpack’ or found yourself wandering around your local sporting or camping goods store, chances are you’ve come across the Osprey Farpoint series before. Being highly reviewed and widely available to try before you buy at stores is as good a reason as any to try this pack, but the Osprey Farpoint is so much more. After testing it for just over a year, we like to think we know it quite well!

The Farpoint comes in four different sizes, a 40L, 55L, 70L and finally a whopping 80L! The bag we tested is the 40L (both the S/M and M/L models). It’s the only one that fits within carry-on specifications. Since we’re all about traveling as lightly as possible, this bag made the most sense. If you’re looking at the larger sizes, do stick around as most of what we’ll be covering will be applicable for them as well, but we recommend the carry on 40L size as we think it’s the slickest way to travel.

Overall, the Osprey Farpoint is a travel backpack, and that’s exactly what it does best. Perfect for the digital nomad that moves onto a new country every week or month. We can attest to its reliability. It’s become a bag we can trust, even after a year of heavy use. It’s highly reviewed on the web because simply put, it’s a great bag, one you can travel the world with.

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In this video, Nathan Coverdale of Pack Hacker reviews the Osprey Farpoint 40 – a popular travel backpack that you’ve probably seen at REI, MEC, or your local sporting goods store. It’s a popular option for a reason: this pack is a great companion on an extended trip, although it probably won’t last you a lifetime – it’s still good option for one bag travel.

Editor’s note: The Osprey logo is a slick-looking bird with some decent type.

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  1. Really am thinking to buy this bag! But I want to take my camera with Lenses with me. And need a bag for transporting it when hiking. Hmmmmmm

  2. Strap cover is great, no need for a backpack duffel when I checked it (bought port wine once). My absolute fave feature is the compression straps. I sit on my bag to tighten the strap to shrink the profile by half to be more carryon friendly when the gate agents eye my bag. Other than it not being able to stand up when put down on the floor, I have no complaint after using it for long travel in the last 3 years.

  3. Thanks you guys for a clear easy to understand and thorough review. Love the British accents ! And really appreciate the male and female take on this product, especially regarding size – thats soooo necessary and thoughtful.

  4. Got another question; the new 2019 model according to osprey they say, the laptop compartment was moved to the back of the bag like the porter series, is this true?

  5. Great review. I would point out that having the laptop on the outside (front) part of the backpack can be better for the laptop than if it is in a sleeve directly between your back and the fully loaded/weighted backpack. If your pack is fully loaded, any time you are leaning even slightly forward, some of that weight is pressing forward against the laptop. The larger the laptop (such as a 15" vs a 12 or 13", the more flex the case and screen will have. At minimum, you'll end up with key cap oil (from fingers) leaving squares on your screen; at worst, you can bend the laptop itself. So I prefer the less than ideal weight distribution of having the laptop on an outside sleeve.

  6. Do you bring this full bag on a day hike, beach, in town? Or bring a separate like bag or small daypack?

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