Travel Backpack Organiser : The Tech Survival Kit 2.0 (Must Have!)

Travel Backpack Organiser Video

Travel Backpack Organiser

The Tech Survival Kit 2.0 (Must Have!)

The Tech Survival Kit 2.0 (Must Have!)

Top 10 Tech Life Hacks! (2017):
THREE Gadgets For Life? – AskUAC:

Ever come across a “tech emergency?” This survival kit should help with that!

Find everything here:
BAGMSMART Travel Case –
Chafon 6 in 1 Multi USB –
Alternative to Smilism Cable –
G-Cord In-Ear Buds –
Headphone Splitter –
Kuro Toga Mechanical Pencil –
Anker Ultra Slim 4-Port USB HUB –
Micro SD Card Adapter –
Kingston USB Type C Drive –
AUKEY USB-C Adapter –
Spudz MicroFiber Cloth –
Belkin Surge Protector –
Sandisk 128GB SD Card –
1byone 2-Port Portable Charger –
DragonBall Z T-Shirt –

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  1. I have a reccomendation for a pirtable charger, goal zero makes great ones and you have more sizes for different applications.

  2. What are surviving from there a plug in room to charge your phone. I can't make fire or drinking water or keep you warm. Surviving 2 or 3 hours after your phone dies so I just need a power bank and can't. Charge it when power bank dead in a power outage.

  3. Not sure if anyone's mentioned this but the portable charger in the description directs to fat measuring scales… You trying to tell me something?

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